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Video:Haunted Places: The Stanley Hotel

with Richard Estep

The Stanley Hotel is famous for its haunted history and inspiring Stephen King's classic horror film "The Shining." Watch this About.com video to learn more about the paranormal reports from The Stanley Hotel.See Transcript

Transcript:Haunted Places: The Stanley Hotel

Hello, I am Richard Estep, Director of The Boulder County Paranormal Research Society located in Boulder, Colorado, here for About.com to talk about the most haunted places in the United States.

Haunted Sightings at the Stanley Hotel

So the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is the scene of a number of interesting ghost stories. One of them being a thief that supposedly steals articles of clothing from guests in the hotel, moves them around, hides them.

One thing that occurred when they were shooting the television series "Ghost Hunters" up at the Stanley is that a table apparently jumped two feet into the air. There is a lot of online debate is to how genuine this was, is to how stable the table actually was, but it is actually quite interesting.

Haunted Piano Playing

Also, the piano is supposed to play itself. The most common theory about the identity of the ghost that plays the piano is that it was Mr. Stanley's wife, who was a keen piano player. A number of guests report waking up in certain rooms with a figure of a male standing over them in the middle of the night.

The Stanley Hotel Inspired The Shining

The Stanley was the inspiration for Stephen King's story The Shining. The television mini-series made during the 1990's was shot at the Stanley Hotel. The Stanley does have, if you delve back into it's past, there are stories of crime, nefarious activities that relate to the site. So it is not at all surprising that there would have been some violent death in and around that area.

Visit the Stanley Hotel

You can visit and it is very well worth visiting. There is a very popular ghost tour you can take and it is possible to conduct overnight paranormal investigations at the Stanley too.

Thank you so much for watching. If you would like more information on paranormal news issues, visit us on the web at About.com.

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