Ghost Stories: The Queen Mary Cruise Ship Video
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Video:Ghost Stories: The Queen Mary Cruise Ship

with Thea Lewis

The Queen Mary is known to be one of the most haunted cruise ship of all time. Watch this paranormal video from for The Queen Mary's creepy tales.See Transcript

Transcript:Ghost Stories: The Queen Mary Cruise Ship

Hello. I'm Thea Lewis of Queen City Ghostwalk for and today, I'm going to tell you about the Ghosts of the Queen Mary. 

Cruise Ships are Often Haunted

There's really no shortage of haunted cruise ships. The Costa Concordia is said to be haunted by the spirit of the captain of the Titanic. But if we're having a contest, surely the most haunted cruise ship of all has to be the Queen Mary. Appropriately, when the Queen Mary was painted gray, to be used as a transport ship during World War II, it was nicknamed "The Gray Ghost."

The Queen Mary's Haunted History

And if you're looking for evidence, consider this:  there have been 49 deaths aboard the Queen Mary and, twelve apparitions have been spotted, including a 17 year-old sailor who was killed in the engine room and a young girl who was spotted by the pool, searching for her mother. Why would a ghost haunt a boat? Some people speculate that many of these deaths occurred at sea and the spirits feel displaced. Also, it's not unusual to have a spirit linger, and return again and again to the site of a traumatic death.  

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