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Video:Information About Ghost Hauntings

with Jonathon E. Stewart

You're not alone if you've ever wondered whether or not ghosts really exist and if ghost hauntings are real. See this information about ghost hauntings and decide for yourself.See Transcript

Transcript:Information About Ghost Hauntings

Whether you're sitting around a campfire, passing a graveyard, or curled up at home when you hear a strange bump in the night, we've all spent some time thinking about ghosts. But are they real, and if so... what are they?

Evidence of Ghosts and Ghost Hauntings

Evidence of ghosts and hauntings has been documented since the beginning of recorded history, but no single theory accounts for their existence. Anecdotal proof makes up the biggest percentage of these experiences, but those who have had brushes with the paranormal will tell you they're as real as it gets.

I love a good ghost story as much as the next guy, and it does make you wonder––with so many stories out there, what exactly are ghosts?

Explanation for Ghosts

Perhaps the most common explanation for ghosts is that they are souls or spirits trapped in this world after their physical bodies die. Paranormal experts suggest that these spirits may be stuck because of a wrongful or traumatic end to their earthly lives, and that they may not even be aware they are ghosts.

Which would probably be a pretty big bummer to discover. Wait, how do I know I'm not a ghost? Ouch.

Ghost Sightings and Ghost Hauntings

Another type of ghosts sighting suggests that there can be historical recordings, or echoes imprinted on the environment, a type of energetic residue from traumatic events of the past. These residual hauntings, or restligeists, do not appear to be tied to a specific spiritual entity that is aware of, or able to interact with the living world.

Kind of like watching TV, except there's no TV, and it's spookier.

Intelligent Ghost Hauntings

Intelligent hauntings describe ghosts that are reportedly able to interact with the living world. These can include messenger ghosts––which can appear to a person in times of need, or to offer warnings––or poltergeists, which can affect the physical environment that they inhabit, often in a pesky or even downright frightening manner.

Skeptics of Ghost Hauntings

Of course skeptics will tell you that any or all of these manifestations are merely figments of the imagination, but I don't know... sometimes when my car keys aren't in the key bowl and I find them someplace weird like the bathtub, I get pretty convinced. Until I see my 15-month-old son running around in the yard my iPhone...

I'm Jonathon Stewart with
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