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Video:Famous Ghost Hoaxes

with Thea Lewis

Some ghost stories are believed to be true until they are officially debunked. Watch this About.com video to learn how famous ghost hoaxes were finally revealed.See Transcript

Transcript:Famous Ghost Hoaxes

Everyone loves a good ghostly image, but if it’s a work of trickery, not of the hereafter, then let’s say so.  Hello. I'm Thea Lewis of Queen City Ghostwalk for About.com, and today I'm going to tell you about famous ghost hoaxes. 

Ghost Legends Debunked

Of the great volume of vaporous images pored over every year by apparition aficionados, three of the most famous have blessedly been debunked. The notorious Wem ghost, an image of a little girl surrounded by flame, was, sadly, no more than a clever fake.

Experts conclude the Amityville Ghost is likely a member of a paranormal team who investigated the famous home. The ghost of Jim Morrison turned out to be nothing more than a projected image, engineered by someone intent on creating a publicity stunt.  

Ghost Hoaxes Used for Press Coverage

When you want a high-end ghost hoax, sometimes money is no object. The "Raffles Place Ghost", a video that shows two men being followed out of an elevator by the apparition of an old woman cost the HR and Consulting firm that commissioned it $100,000 to make. Then it went viral, causing something else to materialize: Millions in free PR.

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