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Video:How to Do Zombie Face Paint

with Mary Morris

Doing zombie face paint on Halloween or on any occasion is easier than you may think. Here, see step-by-step instructions for doing zombie face paint.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do Zombie Face Paint

Hi! My name is Mary Morris with All Star Entertainment in Houston, Texas, and this is my model Reggie, and today we are going to make Reggie into a Zombie. It's going to be scary, but stick with this, it's going be fun.

Supplies for Zombie Face Paint

For the Zombie face, we are going to need certain colors. We are going to use this one which is kind of a white, but they call it spirit. It's got a little bit of a grayish blue tint to it. We are going to use a monster gray, and this one which is kind of oriental yellow, they call this one, and then green.

How to Apply Zombie Face Pain

I will be using powder puffs to put it on with, a sponge tip applicators and a stipple sponge. I will also be using my black wet paint. So, I am going to start off with this color that's called spirit. It's kind of a white, but has a little bit of a bluish gray in it.

I am just going to kind of put it all over his face. I am just kind of going to cover his face and it can be kind of splotchy, because remember this is a Zombie. We don't want it to be completely smooth and perfect.

I think I am going to go with yellow next. I am just going to put in different places, the same with the green. This is kind of smudgy with this powder puff; I will blend those colors together somewhat.

Now, I will give him some sunken in cheeks. I am going to do the same up here on the forehead. Of course, his eyes need to be all sunken in looking. A little cliff chin there right above the side burn area to make this look like it's concave, like it's caved in.

I am going to take my powder puff again and now I am going to blend. I am going to switch to my black that's wet. See, it looks like he's got a hole right there. Now, I want to darken the inside of the hole. Now this is kind of despairing here.

Finishing Off the Zombie Face Paint

There is no wrong or reason to this, you just draw the lines kind of a go according to the child's face. Here come the teeth, keep your lips together. Let's just say we are going to give him a bruise right here, a little blood.

A-ah, we are going to eat you for our lunch.
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