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Video:How to Make a Tiger With Face Paint

with RoByn Thompson

Tigers have brilliant colors that are great for face painting. See how to paint a tiger step-by-step with these simple instructions, and then try transforming your little one into a wild cat.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Tiger With Face Paint

Hi, I am RoByn Thompson. I am a face painter for nycfaceart.com for About.com. I am going to turn Chris into a ferocious tiger. It is a lot of fun because kids love to be wild animals.

Face Paint Supplies Needed

What we are going to use today is water-based theatrical makeup. It is important to use products that are hypoallergenic and FDA-compliant. And the makeup is nice because it goes on with water and it comes off with water, so you do not need any special products to remove it.

Make the Tiger Eyes and Muzzle

The things that define the tiger face are the eyes and the muzzle, and we are going to start by using white makeup. And you will notice that they come at a bit of an angle, because that is one of the defining things. And we are going to give him a muzzle -- he is going to have a little mustache here! And a little white under the chin, too.

Highlight the Tiger With Colors

And then we are going to use some gold and we are going to do the highlights. That would be the top of the forehead, and on the top of the cheeks right under the eyes. He has got his eyes closed, so it is okay to go right under his eyes and since you are using a safe product, you do not have to worry about it getting in his eyes and hurting him. And I am going to go right underneath his chin and do a little bit of gold there, too. And you will notice that I'm overlapping on the white a little -- and it is causing it to blend, because we want a nice blend on his tiger face.

Next I am going to use some orange -- because orange is a good color for a tiger. But, do not forget, you tigers do not have to be orange. You can make your tigers any color you like. We are going to go traditional with this tiger, but I paint tigers all different colors. See, I am filling in all the areas that do not have any makeup on them with the orange. So now his whole face is covered with makeup, and I am going back in with my gold sponge and I am blending over the gold where the edges meet the orange, and that gives some nice smooth color.

Paint Tiger Whiskers

So now we are going to take a brush and put some white makeup on it. I am just doing some simple brushstrokes, to give him some fluffy eyes. See, he is starting to look wild already! I will give him some whiskers and some little whiskers under his chin.

Tiger Face Painting Finishing Touches

Now it is time to give him some tiger stripes, because you can not be a proper tiger without stripes. First, I am going to give him a little black tiger nose, and you do a thin line right under the nose and coming out in a V. And then, whisker dots. I am going to outline the whiskers a little with black, to make them pop, and we are outlining the eyes.

Now if we stopped right here, he would still be a cat or maybe a lion, but we need to give him some stripes. And for the stripes, we are going to start thin, and go thick, and kind of come up -- kind of making little squiggles on his forehead. And then we are going to make some under his eyes. And on the side of his head.

And if we want to make him really ferocious, we can take our white and in the corners of his mouth, make little tiger teeth. And Chris is a ferocious tiger -- can you roar?

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