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Video:How to Do Skeleton Face Paint

with Mary Morris

Learning how to do skeleton face paint is easier than you may think. Here, see step-by-step instructions for doing skeleton face paint at home.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do Skeleton Face Paint

Hi! I am Mary Morris with All Star Entertainment and this is my handsome model today, Reggie, and we are going to paint Reggie into a skull face or skeleton face.

Tips for Skeleton Face Paint

Now Reggie has a gorgeous set of hair and sometimes it falls down in front of his face. So, I am going to take a large clip and get it out of my way.

Supplies for Skeleton Face Paint

I am going to use some dry paint that I will apply with sponge tip applicators. I am also going to use some of my wet paint that I will apply with brushes, particularly round brushes.

I am going to be using mostly white, black and gray for the skeleton. This particular color is called spirit and it's white with a tint of grayish blue mixed in to give it that ghostly look. And the powder puff I find helps me apply it fast.

Alright, now we want to have the sunken in eyes. So I am going to with a gray and my little round sponge applicator. Now, I am going to make your nose right here. Now, the skeleton's nose is kind of an upside down heart.

I am going to make his cheek bones look sunken in, kind of like your 5 o'clock shadow. We are going to come in and down. I am going to put a little gray up here around at the hairline.

I am going to take my little round brush and I am using a rather kind of a thin one and I am going to dip in my black. We are going to start up here at the top, and I am going to make a crack in his skull. We are going to come real thin and then I am going to push down and kind of wiggle my brush, like so. And you just do this free style, so it looks like you have cracked his forehead there.

I am going to outline his nose. And you can twist your brush like you see me twisting it here, to get this effect. And you don't have to load a lot of paint on your brush, this goes a long way.

Finishing Skeleton Face Paint

I am going to kind of define the shape of the skull here. I am going to paint his lips, white. Then I am going to take my black and give him some skeletal teeth. And that's our skeleton face.
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