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Video:Quick Tip: Hold a Paint Palette

with Fay

Hand-held paint palettes are used often when standing to paint at an easel, and holding them correctly can make painting more streamlined and comfortable. Learn how to hold a paint palette in this video from About.com.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: Hold a Paint Palette

Hi, this is Fay for About.com and this is how to hold a paint palette.  

What is a Paint Palette?

A paint palette is some sort of flat surface on which you can mixes paints paints used in your painting. It is a great tool to have if you like to paint standing up rather then sitting down.  

How to Hold a Paint Palette

The first thing you want to do when holding a paint palette is to hold it in your weaker hand. This means the hand that you are not using to paint with. Make sure to use your forearm as the support for the palette, so your hand down not get strained. Place your thumb through the hole in your palette and use the rest of your fingers as supports.

You may be able to wrap your fingers around the edge of the palette which will help give extra support but dont worry if your palette doesn't allow for that. Make sure your grip is firm enough to be able to allow you to press on the palette with your brush without it wobbling. Dont grip too hard as your hand will soon tire quickly and you wont be able to continue holding it. 

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