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Video:How to Sketch for Painting

with Marco Cutrone

Sketching your painting helps the planning process on your canvas. Watch this video for tips on sketching before painting.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Sketch for Painting

Hi, I’m Marco Cutrone from Marco Cutrone Fine Arts. I'm a realist painter. I'm here for and today I'm going to talk about how to sketch for a painting. 

Why Sketching Helps

The process of creating a sketch for a painting is very important. This step can help determine whether or not your overall painting will be successful. There's no one way to do a sketch for a painting. 

It's always a good idea to do a sketch or some thumbnails on a separate sheet of paper before applying it onto your canvas. It's a very good way to work out your composition ahead of time. 

Creating a sketch for a painting can help ensure that the proportion are accurate. You may want to do the sketch in pencil so that you can re-work it. It can sometimes be difficult to remove the pencil lines with an eraser. Some artists will sketch out a drawing for the painting in paint. 

Sketching is very much like making notes on your canvas. Some artists will do very thorough, detailed sketches. If you like, you can simply use a sketch as a general indication of your overall composition. It depends on your style and creative process. 

Begin Your Painting's Sketch

You can start your sketch by blocking out general shapes and then get more involved by adding shadows with paint and puling out highlights. This works especially well if you are doing your sketch with paint. 

Some artists will take a sketch a bit further and introduce paint. It's really up to you, the painter, what you include in your sketch. 

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