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Video:How to Paint With Fabric Paint

with Angela Dawn

Paint with fabric paint to decorate your bags, pillow covers or even clothing. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to paint with fabric paint.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Paint With Fabric Paint

Hi, this is Angela with and today I am going to show you how to paint with fabric paint. Using fabric paint, a simple doily can turn into a family heirloom piece and piece of clothing into a wearable work of art.

Prewash and Iron Fabric Before Painting With Fabric Paint

For fabric painting, you can use woven cotton, cotton/polyester blends, denim, silk and velvet. The tighter the weave the more intense the color will be. It is a good idea to prewash the fabric to allow for shrinkage and to remove any coatings on the fabric left over from the manufacturing process but do not use fabric software.

Drop a bead of water on the surface of the fabric. If it absorbs into the fabric and does not bead up, it is ready to paint. Iron your fabric well to get the wrinkles out before you start painting.

Many Different Types of Fabric Paint

There are a wide assortment of fabric dyes, pens, color sprays and dimensional paints used for fabric painting. Fabric paints come in different types like flat, shiny, puffy, sparkly and slick, which give you different effects that you can use for your design. There are also fabric paint pens that come in various sizes.

A good fabric paint will be soft to the touch when it dries. When you add water to your fabric paint, it gives the look of water color. When using brushes it is best to use fabric painting brushes. They are very stiff and are designed to scrub the paint into the fabric. You can also use sponges or even found objects like leaves as a design tool. Stencils are fun to use and you can customize easily with lettering.

Start With Dark Colors When You Paint With Fabric Paint

Fabric painting techniques are very much like painting on any other surface. It just takes a little more time to work the paint into the fabric. Start with darker colors first and then add the lighter colors for highlights. When painting on fabric you may need to put two to three coats to achieve your desired results.

Be sure to read the directions on the paint. Some require heat setting with an iron or in a dryer. Let your design dry for at least 4 days before laundering. Turn the garment wrong side out and dry on gentle or hang to dry.

Additional Tips for Painting With Fabric Paint

Some final tips, be sure to put a piece of paper or plastic under your project so the paint won't bleed through to the other side and pin your project to a piece of cardboard with quilting pins to secure it while painting.

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