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Video:How to Face Paint a Clown

with RoByn Thompson

Whether it's Halloween or any fun occasion, face painting is a hit with kids. See how to face paint a classic clown design that you can adapt and change to whatever creative clown ideas you have.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Face Paint a Clown

Hi, I am RoByn Thompson. I am a face painter for nycfaceart.com for About.com. Today, we are going to make Isaiah into a clown. Kids love to be clowns because they are bright and colorful, and they are funny!

Clown Face Painting Supplies

To make Isaiah a clown we are going to be using water-based theatrical makeup. It is hypoallergenic and FDA-compliant. And it is really nice because it goes on with water and you can wash it off with water.

Paint the Clown Face White

Okay, we are going to start by painting Isaiah's face white. Using the sponge, I can gently sponge the makeup all over Isaiah's face to get nice, even coverage.

Paint the Clown Cheeks

One of the things that clowns have is clowns have pink cheeks. So to find Isaiah's cheeks, I am going to ask him to smile really big. See, and then I can just find the apples of his cheeks and put some pink there. Then I am going to take my white sponge and just kind of go over it a little to blend it, because I do not want it really deep pink, I want it softer. So now, Isaiah has nice rosy cheeks to be a nice happy clown!

Paint the Clown Eyes

We are going to give him very fancy clown eyes. I think we are going to do one blue, so we have blue on our sponge to outline the eyelid in blue. And I will take my brush and go with a darker blue. And after I have made this outline, I am going to take my brush and do some teardrops and make a little swirly thing, to make him just a little fancier. It almost looks like a cloud with rain coming out of it.

And I am going to make Isaiah's other eye green. I am using a bright green for that. And then I am going to take my brush and go with a darker green. Then I will take my sponge and just kind of drag that outline right inside. And I will take my green brush again and do a similar thing to the teardrops I did on the other side. They are not the same, but it is okay.

Face Paint the Clown Nose

Next we need some red, because you can not be a clown without a red nose. So I am just painting the tip of Isaiah's nose red and I am going to do some red on his lower lip. Clowns always have their lower lips painted red, but they never paint their top lips. That is done so you can see their expression from a distance, in the circus. If your clown face does not look like mine, that's actually a good thing, because every clown has a different face.

Clown Finishing Touches

Now I am going to take some black and add some highlights and give him some eyebrows. And I am going to outline the corners of his mouth. And I am going to bring in some white and put in some highlights there.

And Isaiah is all done -- Isaiah is a clown! Thanks for watching. To learn more on the web, visit us at About.com.
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