How to Attach a Frame to a Painting Canvas Video
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Video:How to Attach a Frame to a Painting Canvas

with Marco Cutrone

In this video, learn how to attach a frame to a painted canvas, so you can present your work of art in a professional way to friends and family.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Attach a Frame to a Painting Canvas

Hi, I'm Marco Cutrone from Marco Cutrone Fine Arts, I'm a realist painter, and I'm here for Today I'm going to show you how to attach a frame to a painted canvas. 

Let Paint Dry Before Attaching Frame

To get started, make sure your painting is completely dry. You may want to consider varnishing your painting for protection before framing it. Make sure you choose a frame that is the correct size for your canvas. The canvas should fit snugly in the frame without extra room on either side. You also want to pick a frame that goes well with your painting. Make sure you select a frame that enhances the painting and doesn't detract from it. To start, turn the frame over. Now carefully place the canvas within the frame. If it appears snug, you can leave it this way and hang it as is. However, I like to add an extra measure of security. 

Attach Frame with Aluminum Pipe Hangers

You can actually fasten the painting inside the frame by using 4 - 8 aluminum pipe hangings that are a half inch wide. You can attach the curved side of the pipe hanger to the canvas and line up the flat end on the frame. You can use one or two of these on each side of the frame. Screw a 3/8th once screw through the hole into the backside of the frame. This causes the curved part to clasp down on the canvas. If your pipe hanger doesn't fit perfectly, you can manipulate the form. You can flatten it out first using a hammer and then attach it to your frame clasping down the back side of your canvas. Before hanging your canvas, make sure that it is completely secure within your frame. 

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