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Video:What Is Mabon?

with Winifred Tannetta

Mabon is the autumn harvest festival celebrated by many pagans and Wiccans. Here is more information on Mabon.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is Mabon?

Hi, I'm Winifred Tannetta for About.com. Today I'll be speaking with you about the holiday of Mabon.

When Is Mabon Celebrated?

Mabon is one of the eight Sabots, celebrated in the winter of the year by many pagans and Wiccans. The fall equinox is a time when the day and the night are of equal length, and thus it is a time when we can focus on the meaning of balance in our lives. As we know, there are two equinoxes that happen in the course of a year.

The fall equinox happens on or about September 21st. It is a time when day and night are of equal balance. The focus of the fall equinox is of the rest and inner reflection that comes after the hard labor of summer.

Mabon Is the Second Harvest

Mabon is also known as the second harvest. Lughnasadh is the first harvest. Mabon's focus is the second harvest, because we're getting to the time when harvest is coming to completion. Most of our food items have come in from the field, or are rather close to coming in. We are focusing on preparing those food items, and getting prepared to get us through the winter.

So the focus is celebrating, with gratefulness, the harvest that we have managed to bring in for ourselves.It is also a time for inner reflection, a time not to only think about what we have planted in the past year, but what we have actually managed to harvest.

Ways to Celebrate Mabon

Looking back, we can think about what we would've liked to have done differently, both in an inner way, and in an outer way. It is a good time to gather together with family and friends and community, and to give back and to give thanks, as well as moving towards a more inner reflecting time to prepare for the coming winter.

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