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Video:Tips for Mabon Craft Ideas

with Winifred Tannetta

Mabon craft ideas are a fun way to celebrate this traditional autumn harvest festival. Here are tips for Mabon craft ideas.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Mabon Craft Ideas

Hi, I'm Winifred Tannetta for Today, I'm going to be talking about Mabon crafts. I've brought along a few crafts to get you inspired, and then ultimately, I'm going to talk about making a spirit candle.

Make a Broom or Rattle for Mabon Craft Ideas

If you happen to be lucky enough to have grass or live near a farm where a farmer might not mind if you take a little bit of hay from him, you could harvest a little bit of hay and soak it in some water and make a simple broom that you could use on your altar or hang somewhere in your home.

Another great idea is that you could make a rattle. There are rattles that can be made from more fancy materials, such as leather or antler (as this one is). Or it could be from something as simple as seed pods that you string together. And you will see that when they are dry, they make a very nice rattling sound.

Make a Spirit Candle as a Mabon Craft Idea

Today, I thought we would work on making a spirit candle. I brought two simple ideas that would be very simple to do, and both of these could be done with children -- the first one would be easier to do with children. I already got this candle started. The candle, I just picked up at a local grocery store, so they're not very expensive and that makes them another great craft idea.

The other items that you'll need are a pair of scissors, some tape, and some fun pictures that you'll get from an old magazine or catalog. And what you're going to do is just tape the pictures on, and then use the tape and just tape them on. This is a great project to do with small children, as long as you make sure that you help them with the cutting part.

Make a Spirit Candle From an Apple as a Mabon Craft Idea

Another great idea for making a spirit candle, that also ties into the theme of Mabon, is to make a spirit candle from an apple. Once you get the basic part of the apple cut out, you can use your spoon to dig out further -- kind of like when you carve out a pumpkin. Once you've completed that part, you might decide to carve a picture of some sort in your apple.

I did a triple Goddess symbol, but you could also just peel into the apple, and maybe make a spiral.So anything that represents symbolically the time of year for you or divinity, since this is going to be spiritual on our table -- so circles, spirals, Goddess or God shapes are great. Once we've got our apple all carved out, we're just going to take a votive candle, put it in, and then we can just light it up and we're all set to go with our spirit candle on our altar.

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