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Video:Learn Mabon Mealtime Prayers

with Winifred Tannetta

Learn Mabon mealtime prayers so that you can celebrate this autumn harvest festival properly. Here are popular Mabon mealtime prayers.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn Mabon Mealtime Prayers

Hi, I'm Winifred Tannetta for Today, I'm going to be talking about mealtime prayers for Mabon.

Mabon Mealtime Prayers at the Altar

Mealtime prayers can be broken into two categories. There are the prayers that you would do at your altar during your ritual, and there are the prayers that you would do at your meal table to celebrate the harvest of your family and friends. So let's focus on the prayers that you would focus while working your altar during your ritual.

I usually like to use my chalice, and also to have a cake, so we can bless the cakes and the ale. When we're blessing our ritual cakes and ale here at our ritual table, this is done more in a ceremonial way.

Representation in Mabon Mealtime Prayers

The cakes represent the masculine presence of God's divinity, and the chalice represents the feminine principle of divinity. The cake represents the God, and the chalice represents the Goddess. The prayers that we use in our rituals to bless our cakes and ales, and the prayers that we sing when we sit down to our harvest dinner, are actually the same in nature.

Focus on Harvest, Gratitude and Balance in Mabon Mealtime Prayers

The focus for Mabon should be on the three primary themes: we have harvest, gratitude and balance. And now, I will share with you a mealtime prayer that I wrote.

"Now is the time of Mabon, marking summer's end. On this day of balance, day and night treat each other as equals, and we give thanks to the Earth's bounty, laid before us. We give thanks to the harvest, brought to our table, and for the bond of family and friends. By the grain, by the fruit, by the corn, by the root, and by the hands of all the Gods and Goddesses, may this meal be blessed."

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