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Video:Advantages of a Raised Bed Garden

with Julie Casault

There are many advantages for creating a raised bed garden. This video from will explain the plus side of planting a raised bed garden.See Transcript

Transcript:Advantages of a Raised Bed Garden

Hi, my name is Julie Casault and I am a gardener here at Denver Botanic Gardens in Denver, Colorado. I am here today for to tell you the advantages of a raised bed garden.

Raised Bed Gardens Are Easy to Access

The main reason someone would want a raised bed garden is for the ease of access. Depending on your age, you can format the construction of the garden to fit the different needs that you have. With children, having a low raised bed planter allows them to reach from all different sides, without compacting the soil near by. With adults, it's easy because you can work from a standing position to allow ease of access of weeding, harvesting, planting seeds.

More Control With Raised Bed Gardens

You have an ability to create any landscape you want, any soils that you want, control your conditions, and get the yield that you want. With lower garden beds, you have an inability to control your environment. You are using the soils from your natural landscape, it's less adaptable, and you have to create ways to get in and out of your beds without compacting your soil. Soil conditions can be very beneficial with raised bed gardens. Soil conditions, whether they are sandy loam, clay, silt, you are able to develop a soil that you actually want for your garden space and create soil content with compost and fertilizers to develop the best garden potential possible, depending on the materials you are using, vegetables, annuals, perennials.

Use Less Water and Fertilizers in a Raised Bed Garden

By using raised beds, you have the ability to control drainage, use less water, use less fertilizers, and really give your plants what they need, allowing them to thrive. There's really no limitation to a raised bed garden. Depending on the materials you choose, is dependent on whether your garden can be considered an organic garden, or just a regular garden. By using your resources, you control the additives and contaminants that are used in your garden. In natural soil and in garden beds, you have less control over what has previously been on site. When you bring in your own materials, you are in control of all usable soils, fertilizers, compost, and you can make sure all your vegetables stay organic.

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