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Jason McKay discusses rich media and new advertising tools

with Don Schechter

Jason McKay talks about marketers being unaware that using new tools can really enable them to think outside the box, and the need for ad agencies to thoroughly understand new technologies.

Transcript: Jason McKay discusses rich media and new advertising tools

One of the biggest challenges facing interactive marketers is really coming up with content that is customized to the audience they're speaking to. I think that today, when a lot of creative agencies are developing campaigns they tend to either repurpose --- especially on the video side -- repurpose assets that have already been shot for broadcast and try to make it work within the digital space, and I think that one of the challenges you have is to convince marketers and agencies to spend a little bit more money to actually create custom content that plays into the advertising campaign and media strategy they've created. At the end of the day -- there's a little bit more cash outlay in the beginning --- but I think the ROI on the back-end is much higher. Again, you're relevant, you're speaking to your audience and you're creating content that is specific to them. Ad spending I think in the online space is going to continue to grow, and I think its going to continue to grow because it's effective, you can measure it. Marketers see this and they understand it and they're becoming more and more familiar with the metrics we have to offer. I think that the ROI in the long run is going to continue to fuel the growth that we see in the online space. So I don't see it declining, I really don't, I think its going to continue to grow, continue to increase. When you look at the online spend in general, I think rich media, which is what Unicast does -- we provide rich media solutions for advertisers -- is going to continue to become a larger part of the actual online pie. When you talk about rich media, it can be complex, and executing a rich media campaign can be difficult if you don't understand the technology. I think that some of the difficulties and challenges come in the way of educating marketers and agencies exactly how they can use our technology to create out of the box solutions, to not handcuff them anymore. Technology I think has finally caught up to the point where its advanced enough and the templates are flexible enough to allow advertisers to think outside of the that in-page expandable unit, and to go a little further and become a little more creative. So I think that the challenge there is educating creative agencies and marketers on what is capable and what's possible. When you look at successful marketing campaigns I think there really are two key ingredients: one is relevancy, getting your message in front of the audience at the right time. Now with behavioral targeting out there you can go beyond just a demographic profile you can actually reach users that are exhibiting a specific behaviors that may indicate that they have a higher propensity to click on a specific ad you're serving them. It's also, how you deliver that message, and how you deliver that message is, you know, a lot of the rich media technology that we [are] proud [of]. I think that if agencies embrace that, instead of outsource it, and bring it in-house, and truly understand it, I think that it's really going to benefit them in the long run. I think you see it, if you look at some of these acquisitions that are occurring today, e.g. WPP buying 24/7 and some of these other large agencies integrating technology into their portfolio. I think they're going to really move the envelope. There's a number of things that keep me up at night. One of the biggest things is just making sure that our technology continues to maintain it's stability and we are able to continue to deliver on what we are promising and the solutions we create are constantly pushing the envelope and they're not complacent in nature. I think its really the technology that keeps me up at night and making sure we are continuing to innovate and continuing to push the envelope.

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