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Video:10 Great Date Night Ideas

with Nadia Chapman

Learn these great date night ideas so that you and your honey can spend time together having fun. Here are 10 great date night ideas that will keep your relationship exciting and loving.See Transcript

Transcript:10 Great Date Night Ideas

Hi everyone, I'm Nadia Chapman for About.com. Every couple needs to spend quality time together in order to keep the romance alive. Here are 10 date night ideas for you and your loved one to enjoy.

Take Walks Together for a Great Date Night Idea

My first proposition would be to simply go on an evening walk together. Cozy up if the air cools down, and hold hands or warp your arms around each other.

Why not save an evening for some late shopping? It can be pleasant to grab a coffee to go, and hit your local book and music store. Browse together the many aisles while talking, and discovering music, or books together.

Cook and Eat Meals Together for a Great Date Night Idea

Another great date night is to pack a gourmet picnic, and eat in an original location such as a park, on a river, or even in your own backyard. There is something romantic about eating outdoors, listening to nature, and eating in the grass, on a bench or laying on a picnic blanket. Pack some wine, cheese, crackers, and fruits, and enjoy talking, eating, and watching the beautiful scenery before your eyes.

Hit the farmer's market or grocery store, and plan to cook a meal together. Maybe you can both choose a traditional family recipe from your family, and that way not only you enjoy cooking together, but you also discover one of your partner's family dish.

Want to surprise your lover? Cook her or his favorite dinner, or pick up their favorite take out. After eating, surprise again by renting your partner's favorite movie. This is an easy way to show how much you care.

Try Something New Together for a Great Date Night Idea

Get out of your comfort zone, and try something you never did together. Why not stop at that miniature golf on the side of the freeway you see everyday? Or going to the bowling alley or the skating rink together one evening? These activities are cheap, and are always guaranteed to make you laugh.

Go to a concert together. Music will set a good mood during your date, and of course if you get up and dance together, well, I can't think of a better way to spend a romantic evening with each other.

How about doing a fun home project together? If you keep it light and fun, this can be an evening to remember. Put some music on, open a good bottle of wine, and make sure both of you work together. Paint a wall, move the furniture around, or decorate your home with pictures you've been wanting to hang on your walls.

Try a Wine or Beer Tasting for a Great Date Night Idea

Go wine or beer tasting. Enjoy sipping and discovering new tastes together. If your area doesn't have wine tasting, or you don't feel like leaving the house, do a wine tasting, or beer tasting, at home. You can even do a cheese tasting too. Buy a few bottles of wine, or different beers such as imported or microbrewery beers, and different types of cheeses.

Another great idea for a night date is to watch the sunset together. Take the time to stop everything, and watch the end of the day in each other's arms. Taking an evening to watch the sun go down, looking in the same direction; that is very romantic.

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