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Video:Tips for Using Torrent Software

with Brian Smith

Torrents allow you to download large files from the internet. Check out these tips for using torrent software safely and legally.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Using Torrent Software

Hello there, this is Brian Smith for and today I’m going to give you Tips for using torrent software.

Torrent Software Downloads Internet Files

First off, what is torrent software and why would I use it? Torrent software, also called BitTorrent software, is basically software used to download files from the internet. Normally you just browse to a website and download a file from there but, if these files are very large and there’s a large number of people trying to download the same file at the same time, it can reduce your download speed to a snails pace. Video files, program files and game updates are usually very large, sometimes several gigabytes, and that’s where using torrent software can help.

For instance, instead of downloading a file from one computer, torrents allow you to download bits and pieces of that large file from many computers at the same time which can dramatically increase your download speed.Here are the steps to downloading a large file using a torrent. Lets say you want to download the free eBook called Higher Self Esteem and More.

Several Torrent Softwares are Available

First, you need torrent software. Just like there are many different internet browsers to choose from like Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox, there are several different torrent applications to choose from. Today, I’m using the popular uTorrent application.

Next, you need to find a torrent which is that small file that your torrent software uses to know what bits-and-pieces it needs to make the whole file that you would like to download. I’m on the popular torrent site called and here is the eBook that we are looking for.

Torrents Raise Legal Issues

I do want to point out that you should be careful when downloading content that you may find on some torrent sites that could infringe on copyright laws and be sure to check out the listing of popular torrent sites on Now I’m going to download the little torrent file and open it in the uTorrent application. After I acknowledge what I want to download from the torrent, the process begins.

The range of statistics torrent software can report will vary from application to application but the most important thing to know for now is the more computers there are sharing the file, the faster your download will be.

It’s that simple!Have fun exploring torrent applications and the many things you can download from other torrent users. For more information, be sure to check us out on the web at

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