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Video:Import Music to iTunes

with Don Schechter

Are you ready for your CD library to go digital? Learn how to import your music collection to iTunes.See Transcript

Transcript:Import Music to iTunes

Hi. I'm Don Schechter for computing. Today I'm going to show you how to add music from a CD into your iTunes library.

Choose a CD to Import into iTunes

First I will open up iTunes. When you insert a CD into your computer's CD or DVD drive, an icon for that CD pops up. Here is a list of all the music on the CD. It lists all 15 tracks. We also see the length of each song.

To play a song, all I need to do is click once to highlight the track and then hit the 'play' button. You can also double click a track to play it.

Add Songs to the iTunes Library

Now I want to add all the songs to my library so I don't have to have the CD in my computer to play music. To do this, all I need to do is click on the 'import CD' button. On the top of the iTunes window, we can see the progress of the importing.

Once the first is successfully imported, the song will play. To stop it from playing, just hit the stop button on the top left side of the iTunes window. The green check marks show which songs have been imported, and the orange icon shows which song is currently being imported.

Cancel Music Import to iTunes

If you need to cancel the importing, click on the 'X' at the top of the screen. I'll click it and there are the songs I have imported.

Eject the CD

I can now eject the CD by clicking the small eject icon next to the audio CD icon. After a few seconds, my CD tray pops open with my CD and here in my music library are the songs I've just imported. I can now put my CD away and double click on any song to play it.

Import Single Songs to iTunes

Now I will show you a way to add just one song. Insert your audio CD back into the computer. Under 'file,' choose 'import.' Browse to your CD and select the track you want. The orange icon appears showing that the song is being imported and the check mark appears when the process is complete.

Once again, I will eject my CD, and when I look at my library, there are my imported songs.

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