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Video:How to Make Ringtones For Your Cell Phone

with Zack Heene

If you want a unique, easy-to-identify ringer for your cell phone, try making your own ringtone. Making ringtones for a cell phone is easy using free editing software and your favorite song.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Ringtones For Your Cell Phone

Hey there, Zack Heene here for I am going to show you how to make your own ringtone for your cell phone.

Equipment for Making Ring Tones

Things you are going to need are: your cell phone, a computer, and the free software called Audacity.

Editing Basics

So basically what we are doing, is editing. Now editing is taking one of your favorite songs and picking the best 20 seconds of it to go off when your phone is ringing. This song will replace the current ring. Or instead of music you can use the mic feature and record your voice saying something, that will go off too when it rings. So this can be very fun, let’s get started.

Open Song in Audacity

If you don’t have the program Audacity, just search it on the internet and download it along with its plug-ins, FFmeg and LAME. Oh, it’s free by the way. Open your music library and pick a song you might want to make your ring tone. Drag and drop it on your desk top or put it in a temporary folder. Now just drag and drop the song file right on top of the audacity icon.

Select Your Favorite Song Section

Click on the zoom key twice. Now you can see your song in a wave form and the numbers on the top here that represent the length in seconds. Hit the "play" button at the top of the window, listen to the song and hit pause when you hear the part you like.

You can also double click on the time line to jump around in the song. So I like this part when she sings "I left my heart," so single click and hold the mouse button down and drag out about 20 seconds or so, then release. The shaded area is the selected part of the song that will be your ring tone.

Export the Song as MP3

Click stop and then go to file and click on export selection. You can save it to your desk top as “ringtone” mp3 file.

Recording From the Mic

Now if you want to use the mic feature to record your voice as a ring tone go ahead and click file, new. Click on the microphone button and you can see the audio levels right here. This level is coming in from the built-in mic on the computer. Click on the "record" button and start talking, when you are done click the "stop" button. Then, click "file," "export" and "save" on your desktop as an mp3 file.

Email MP3 to Your Cell Phone

The easiest way to get the ring tone to your cell phone is to email it. Then when you check your email open the attachment, then save the file, and select the “set as ringtone” option.

Now you have a custom ring tone, like this: “I am Zack Heene for"
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