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Video:How to Set up iTunes for an iPhone

with Jonathon E. Stewart

One of the first things new iPhone owners need to do is set up iTunes on their new phones. Here's a quick tutorial for setting up iTunes on your iPhone.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Set up iTunes for an iPhone

Getting an iPhone is one of those really cool moments because you finally have a gadget that does it all in one small, hand-held device. Best, of all, having an iPhone opens up a world of music and media through iTunes. Maybe you already have an account for your iPod, but now it's time to get your new phone in sync.

iTunes Icon Automatically Appears on iPhone

Once your iPhone is activated by your wireless provider, you will find an iTunes icon on your iPhone screen. This is easy to use and simply requires that you take the USB cable that came with your purchase and plug one end into your phone and the other end into you computer. This is also a great way to charge your iPhone. The USB cable has a really cool adapter that turns the cable from a USB cable to a power cord. You simply remove one end of the cord from the computer, plug it into the adapter, and then plug the adapter into a wall outlet to charge it.

Setting Up iTunes on iPhone

Open iTunes and you will find that the iPhone icon will appear on the left sidebar and listed under the category of "devices." Launch the "Set up Your iPhone" window by clicking on the iPhone icon on this sidebar. Then, choose the tab that says, "Info," which is found at the top of the large middle window. This is where you can then choose "Automatically sync contacts, calendars and bookmarks." Now, you can add these all to your iPhone. This is a great way to take information from your computer and put onto your iPhone whether it comes from iTunes or some other source. This means the phone can actually become a backup device for your computer and vice versa.

Choose What to Transfer to iPhone From iTunes

Now, it's time to select the tab that says, "Applications." You can click and drag all the applications from iTunes that you want to add, or load, to your iPhone. If you do this within the iTunes window, you can also control how these apps will appear on your iPhone screen. Now, you can also choose any types of ringtones you want to add from iTunes. Then, you can go to other tabs in iTunes like "Music," "Movies," "TV Shows" and "Photos." You can either check off each box as you load or opt for the "Sync All" button. The last step is to choose the tab that says, "Summary" and then "Apply." Look for this on the right side of the screen toward the bottom. Now, everything you selected will load onto your iPhone. Your device is now officially set up in iTunes, so you can unplug the USB cable and start tuning into all your new media and music. Enjoy.

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