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Video:How to Pack Small Appliances

with Michael Watkins

Packing small appliances takes a little more finesse than your more basic belongings. This video from will show you how to pack small appliances.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Pack Small Appliances

Hi, I'm Michael Watkins for and today were going show you how to pack small appliances.

Unplug Appliances First

The first thing you'll need for packing small appliances is a box, bubble wrap and tape. Be sure to unplug and remove batteries from all your small appliances, you don't want to risk electrocution or damage to your item before you start packing it.

Disassemble Appliances Before Packing

Disassemble loose parts from appliances before you start packing them, particularly in the case of items like a blender or a juicer. These have a lot of moving parts that you'll need to disassemble before you start packing them so you don't lose them or cause damage to your small appliance.

Wrapping and Padding Small Appliances

Remember to wrap and pad your small appliance before you start to pack them. You don't necessarily have to use bubble wrap or styrofoam if you don't have it; anything that will absorb the shock while in transit will suffice. Some old clothes or college t-shirts would work perfectly in this case. Once you've disassembled your small appliance and wrapped it up securely in either bubble wrap or old clothes or college t-shirts, make sure to pack them in the box snugly and securely. You don't want them moving around once they've already been packed, so in transit there's less chance of them being damaged.

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