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Video:How to Move Heavy Furniture

with Jonathon E. Stewart

Don't throw out your back or wreck your house by attempting to move something you're not quite sure how to move. Check out these tips on moving the heavy stuff and you'll save time and toes.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Move Heavy Furniture

Hey guys - Jonathon Stewart here for Moving your own stuff can save you a bunch of dough, but it's about the furthest thing from easy work there is. Scuffed doorways, smashed fingers, and thrown-out backs are just a few potential casualties, especially when you're moving heavy or bulky pieces of furniture. But take a look at these tips, and you'll be movin' on up. Or out at least. Check it out.

Set Heavy Furniture Aside

Start by making a plan. Go through your house and take note of all the pieces of furniture you need to move that might pose a problem. With a yardstick or tape measure, keep a log of the dimensions of each, and then measure your doorways or other entrances as well. Once you've compiled your list, do the math and figure out the best way to move your large furniture in theory. Some typically bulky items include bureaus or dressers, desks, entertainment centers, beds, couches, and book shelves.

Saint Bernards can also be a little tricky to carry, as can large children. But, technically they're not really furniture, and given the proper motivation you can usually get them to move on their own anyway.

Prepare Furniture for Moving

Next, prep your furniture for being moved. Take clothes out of drawers, remove books from shelves, and otherwise pare down the object you're moving to it's slenderest form. Securing drawers with packing tape or rope is a good idea, and removing unwieldy legs or other protrusions helps, too. You might also want to prep yourself - stretching for a few minutes before heavy lifting just might be the thing that saves your otherwise sedentary back, and sturdy boots or shoes are a must.

Get Necessary Help

Enlisting the help of a burly friend or two is essential as well. Generally, three strong guys are sufficient to move just about anything you might have. It's not a bad idea to appoint a spotter as well, someone who can tell you when you're about to take a chunk out of a wall or fall down the top step of a flight of stairs.

Lift Heavy Furniture Carefully

As the old saying goes, remember to lift with your legs, not your back, and take everything one step at a time. Remember to breathe lest you pop a blood vessel in your head, and don't be the tough guy. If something is slipping or too heavy, set it down and rethink your plan. Using a dolly or furniture sliders can be helpful with items like refrigerators, and furniture blankets can be helpful in protecting both your furniture and your walls.

Prepare for Any Disasters

And if you're planning to move a highly valuable, awkwardly shaped object like a grand piano, it's probably a good idea to leave it to the pros who not only have tons of moving experience, they're generally bonded or insured. You may have to fork out a few extra bucks, but it just might save your toes and your marriage.

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