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Video:Will Ferrell Interview - The Other Guys

with Rebecca Murray

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg play NYPD officers called upon to save the day in the action comedy 'The Other Guys.' And at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con, Ferrell talked about teaming up with Wahlberg and improv on the set.See Transcript

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Transcript:Will Ferrell Interview - The Other Guys

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.

Will Ferrell - The Other Guys

[Will Ferrell and Aubrey Plaza goof around for a while]

What was the most fun part of playing NYPD?

Will Ferrell: "NYPD was getting to actually make citizen's arrests with my fake prop badge, pull people over, incarcerate them, and then say, 'I'm just kidding. I'm not really a police officer.'"

Does writing for a site like Funny or Die sort of help you in writing a longer feature film?

Will Ferrell: "You know, Funny or Die is a totally different thing. It's more of just an avenue to write shorter pieces obviously. I think it all helps everything you do, in a way, but it's still - writing a screenplay is still a totally different thing."

What was it like going with Mark Wahlberg?

Will Ferrell: "We just had the best time. I think Mark really appreciated working on a set like ours which is all about having fun and setting up a safe environment where you don't feel like you can fail. And vice versa - for us to have a guy who's known as such a committed actor come and want to actually be in one of our stupid movies was huge. It was great."

Did you ever throw him off his game?

Will Ferrell: "A couple of times. I got him a couple of times."

Did you guys perform all your own stunts?

Will Ferrell: "I performed all my own stunts, but my stunts consisted of running and going, 'Watch out!' He had to do all the hard stuff."

What about the desk pop?

Will Ferrell: "The desk pop I got to really shoot my own gun. Yes, yes."

What was it about this story that you wanted to make?

Will Ferrell: "It really was more about getting to work with Mark and kind of the cop genre was a thing that we felt would be a perfect fit for both of us, and be a funny fit because we're such different types that you wouldn't think you'd pair us together. And that kind of got the ball rolling."

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