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Video:Tim Burton Interview - 9 and Alice in Wonderland

with Rebecca Murray

Tim Burton made his first trip to the San Diego Comic Con representing two highly anticipated films: '9' from Focus Features and 'Alice in Wonderland.' Burton serves as a producer on '9' and, as director, reunites with Johnny Depp for 'Alice.'See Transcript

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Transcript:Tim Burton Interview - 9 and Alice in Wonderland

Focus Features' 9 at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con.

9 Producer Tim Burton

So what about Shane Acker's made you think this could be a feature film?

Tim Burton: "You could see he's thought...it took him like three, four years to do the short so you knew he was thinking about it. He had other characters. So, you know, you could see the love that he put into it. It just seemed like really appropriate to expand it because, like he said, the short is like a piece of a larger narrative. It just seemed like [we] kind of wanted to see what those other creatures and characters look like."

Is that what caught your eye because you must see a lot out there? What separated this?

Tim Burton: "Yeah, yeah. You know, I just was attracted to his visual aesthetic. He's got a unique sort of take on things and a great sense of design. Design is important to me, as well. But we he does too is just part of the story is feeling those textures and that world and all. I just loved it."

Were you hands on as a producer or did he do this pretty much all on his own?

Tim Burton: "No, I wasn't. I think Timur [Bekmambetov] and I's role was to sort of, having been through all of this stuff, was to just try to create an environment for him where [we were] protecting him from the forces of evil."

We didn't get to talk to you yesterday for Alice in Wonderland. How is that going, because it looks gorgeous? Are you ready for it?

Tim Burton: "You know, the unfortunate thing is that's the only footage that we have. I actually shouldn't be here - I should be at work right now. I should be."

What's the age group for that film, because it looks a little freaky?

Tim Burton: "We're not doing anything that's not in the books at all. We're not trying to overdo something because basically I think it's for kids, adults, anybody."

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