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Video:The Box-Cameron Diaz, James Marsden, Richard Kelly Interview

with Rebecca Murray

Writer/director Richard Kelly ('Donnie Darko') joined Cameron Diaz and James Marsden, the stars of Warner Bros Pictures' 'The Box', to talk about the thriller which finds a couple faced with a life-altering decision.See Transcript

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Transcript:The Box-Cameron Diaz, James Marsden, Richard Kelly Interview

Warner Bros Pictures' The Box at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con.

The Box Writer/Director/Producer Richard Kelly

It's been such a long time. It's finally coming out.

Richard Kelly: "Yes, I know. A long post-production, lot of visual effects."

Is that what it was - the visual effects?

Richard Kelly: "It took about 8 months to get [Frank] Langella's digital face completed. It was really time-consuming. The film is completely finished so it's nice to be able to like relax and go and promote it, and not be scrambling and everything. It was originally going to come out in March, but then they moved it. It feels like a fall movie."

So you're happy with the new release date?

Richard Kelly: "Oh yeah. The movie takes place at Christmas time, snowy. It's a snowy Christmasy movie."

[And now we're joined by the film's stars, Cameron Diaz ('Norma') and James Marsden ('Arthur')]

Why does this couple get this box? Why were they chosen?

Richard Kelly: "Because they're awesome. No, it's really the way the experiment works for me is they pick the couple that's least likely to do something bad. Like really nice, moral, upstanding, smart people because they're not going to give it to a bunch of jerks who are going to push it immediately without question, you know? So it's about testing kind of the cream of the crop, in terms of married couples with single children under 40."

And if you were given this, what would you do?

Cameron Diaz: "You know, this is a question that we all kept asking ourselves over and over again. But I really feel like you just don't know what you would do until you're faced with it, you know, the dilemma itself. If it was a real situation, I can't say what I would do because the circumstances could be different at any given time. We felt that where these two, Norma and Arthur, were asked to - when they were asked, they were sort of in a crunch themselves. They were in a position..."

Richard Kelly: "Financial crunch."

Cameron Diaz: "They really were sort of feeling a disparity and a worry, and things weren't happening the way they thought it was going to happen. That added to their pressure to make something happen and morally try to ask themselves, 'Are they okay if somebody dies.' We have a whole thing in the film where we have that conversation."

Richard Kelly: "Also, Arthur doesn't think this is real. He looks at this as a wooden box."

James Marsden: "But let's have the conversation. Let's hypothetically say that it is real, are you saying we're okay with this? We're okay with going through life, 'Yeah, we get a million dollars but we have to live the rest of our life knowing that someone out there died because of us.' That's like sort of playing God a bit. But it's astonishing the people I ask on the street, 'Would you?' Just instinctual they go, 'Yeah, you push it. You push it.' Whether or not they sat if they really knew that was going to happen, they would have or not. It's just interesting to see. All the audience in there raised their hands whether they would or not, I don't know - our population would probably be cut in half. I don't know, I wouldn't put it past a couple of them, but I wouldn't do it."

And bringing this film to Comic Con?

Richard Kelly: "I don't know, it's the energy here. People love movies and it's about being excited and promoting things in a positive way. I think it's really positive down here and that feels good. A lot of film festivals there can be a lot of negativity and kind of tearing things down. There seems to be more of an agenda here to really push [it]."

James Marsden: "They're here because they want you to succeed. They want it to be good, they want it to be success, and that feels good."

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