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Video:Taylor Lautner Interview - Twilight at Comic Con 2008

with Rebecca Murray

'Twilight' fans went crazy when the cast of the much-anticipated film took to the stage at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con. 'Twilighters' are passionate and the cast of the film is equally so about bringing this vampire love story to the big screen.See Transcript

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Transcript:Taylor Lautner Interview - Twilight at Comic Con 2008

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con.

Taylor Lautner – 'Jacob' in Twilight

So tell me first of all, why should people who are fans of your character like you over Edward?

Taylor Lautner: "Jacob's hot."

That's a nice answer.

Taylor Lautner: "He's hot. No, but yeah…"

That's the answer.

Taylor Lautner: "Sure, we'll go with that answer. He's hot."

So how are you going to get to be 6'7?

Taylor Lautner: "I don't know what they're going to do about the height issue. We'll see. Maybe cheat shoes. I don't know. Maybe dig a little hole in the ground."

Now the bulking up part, what are you going to do for that?

Taylor Lautner: "Oh, I'm bulking up. Oh yeah."

Are you? What's your regime?

Taylor Lautner: "I'm hitting the gym like five days a week. I'm cranking out – overdosing on protein. I've put on seven pounds in two months."

Looking at the script, what was it that really attracted you to play this part?

Taylor Lautner: "The fact that I'm just like him. Just that, he's really friendly and outgoing and just talkative and easy to relate to. That's totally me. But I love the difference between his normal side and his werewolf side with the fierce…because that's totally opposite of me. But I like playing roles that are totally opposite of me because it challenges me."

And there's going to come a point where you're not going to be wearing very much clothing in this. How is that going to feel?

Taylor Lautner: "Yeah, that'll be interesting and it will be weird, considering we'll be in Portland in like 40 degree weather with freezing rain, so I'm not sure."

Some people have said things about this being an Indian character and you're not Indian, are you?

Taylor Lautner: "I have some Native American in my distant background."

So did you try to do any research into the Indians there to know what's going on?

Taylor Lautner: "Yeah, I did. Actually my first day there in Portland I met with the Quileute tribal members; I met with like 10 of them and got to talk to them. And you know the funny thing is I was expecting something so much different than me, but they real thing is that they're just like me. They show up in basketball uniforms. We were talking about, 'What do you like to do for fun?' 'Oh, I like to go to the beach. I check out girls.' I was like, 'Really? You little Quileute boys...'"

How do they feel about you playing the character?

Taylor Lautner: "You know, I don't think they've read the books. But I'm sure that they will after they find out that their tribe is in this movie."

Had you read the books?

Taylor Lautner: "No, not before I got the role but I've seen them. It's crazy. I'm in like Chemistry class in school, I look to my right and somebody's reading New Moon. I look over here and somebody's reading Eclipse. It's insane."

It's a lot of weight on your shoulders to bring a character like this to life, isn't it though? How are you going to handle that?

Taylor Lautner: "Yeah, I mean it gets nerve-wracking at some points. But it's exciting for the most part. I'm just really excited to bring everybody's character to life. They're just looking forward to having their favorite book brought to life, and I feel they're going to be happy."

Were you at all familiar with this whole thing [the fans, Twilight supporters] before you started?

Taylor Lautner: "No. Before I filmed Twilight I read Twilight. And I wanted to focus on Twilight because of the difference in this character from Twilight and the other books. So then when I got back, I read the second and third one."

Are you looking forward to those changes?

Taylor Lautner: "Those would be cool. We'll see."

A lot of special effects it looks like coming up for you. We won't give away any spoilers.

Taylor Lautner: "Okay."

So have you had any weird encounters with fans yet?

Taylor Lautner: "I wouldn't call it weird. I'd say the weirdest thing is I have Team Taylor imprinted on women's underwear."

Have you seen it? On the women themselves?

Taylor Lautner: "No, no. On websites and stuff. But yeah, that's the fans – they're great. They're amazing. They're the driving force of this thing."

If from now on you're called your character's name instead of Taylor, are you going to be okay with that?

Taylor Lautner: "Sure. Yeah, I've had it before."

Everybody will be running up to you on the streets and calling you Jacob, and you'll be fine with that?

Taylor Lautner: "I've had it for a while."

What was actually the best part about filming this on the coast in the cold weather?

Taylor Lautner: "You know, just meeting the cast and crew. Everybody's terrific. Catherine's such a ball to be around. She's just a goofy kid. It's funny because I wasn't expecting that. I was expecting this is like a dark, intense drama film, we've got to have some hardcore, yelling director. But not at all."

Did you guys hang out off the set?

Taylor Lautner: "Yeah, yeah. We went out to dinner. Portland has the best food. Go to Portland for some food."

So that's how you're going to bulk up.

Taylor Lautner: "Yeah. Hang out in Portland more. There we go."

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