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Video:Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Matt Lanter, Anakin Skywalker

with Rebecca Murray

Matt Lanter talks about the job of voicing Anakin Skywalker (during his days as a hero) in the animated 'Star Wars' film and TV series, 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars.'See Transcript

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Transcript:Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Matt Lanter, Anakin Skywalker

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the U.S. Premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Matt Lanter – The Voice of Anakin Skywalker

How does it feel to be Anakin?

Matt Lanter: "It's a little bit overwhelming. When I first got the job I auditioned for Deak Starkiller."

Who is Deak Starkiller?

Matt Lanter: "I don't know. I did some research because I knew I was going in for it and I couldn't find anything. So I went in there and they told me it was a little combo of Han Solo and Luke, and I just kind of gave my own spin to it and said, 'Okay, I'll do what I do.' And then they told me later it was for Anakin, which is pretty cool. So it was a big surprise. I think just now, we've been working on this thing for two years or more, it's just now really sinking in that I'm part of the Star Wars family. Well, just a part of the history – just to be a part of it is really an amazing thing."

How much did you go back and study?

Matt Lanter: "Well, you know, for Anakin, he was presented in the films in a certain way, and that performance was interesting. But we're actually kind of bringing a new Anakin to the Star Wars saga. We want to kind of show more of the hero Anakin, the guy who's the hero, the savior of the Republic. He's this big general, so I'm kind of just putting my own spin on it. We're kind of doing our own thing and, you know, kind of inventing a new Anakin and just having a good time doing it."

He does a lot of fighting in this so when you're doing the voice work are you doing a lot of grunts and groans?

Matt Lanter: "I actually… I'll pick up a pencil and act like it's a lightsaber. I'll swing it around."

Do you make the lightsaber noises?

Matt Lanter: "No, I think they do that in post, luckily, or else it wouldn't be very good. It'd be pretty cheesy. So yeah, I try. I pretend. It's all about having fun."

You have to keep going with the series, doing the same voice. Does it change at all during the series or you does it stay the same?

Matt Lanter: "I don't know. It's roughly the same thing. Anakin in this one is very commanding, he's the hero. I know as we go on things might change. We all know Anakin's fate. We all know he's going to spiral down to the dark side. I don't know. We just kind of go day by day. There might be some changes a couple of years down the road. We might see some shadowing of falling to the dark side, but right now he's the hero."

Star Wars has such a huge fanbase. Are you ready to be recognized as the guy who does the voice of Anakin?

Matt Lanter: "Yeah, I welcome that. I think it's going to be fun. The thing about it is, and the reason I don't mind it, is because I'm as big a fan as anyone else out there now. I grew up knowing about the Star Wars saga and I watched a few of them, but I hadn't really dove into it like I have now. Now I'm totally geeked out on it."

So who is your favorite character?

Matt Lanter: "Anakin. Star Wars is all about Anakin to me. It's this guy's fall to the dark side, and it's all about Anakin."

And you also have a live action film coming up soon, right?

Matt Lanter: "Well I do. It's Disaster Movie. It's coming out the 29th of August."

And that's a spoof on disaster movies?

Matt Lanter: "It's a spoof on disaster movies. It's a spoof on pop culture, you know? It's the same kind as Date Movie and Epic Movie. It's just we go and have a good time. You go in the theater and you laugh. It was definitely a good time filming it so I hope it came out."

Who do you play?

Matt Lanter: "Well, I'm the lead character. The guy's name is Will. He kind of goes on this journey to find his friends and find his girlfriend through all these disasters. I haven't seen that either so I'm excited to see it."

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