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Video:Star Wars: The Clone Wars-Padme, Jabba the Hutt, and Clones

with Rebecca Murray

Catherine Taber (Padme Amidala), Kevin Michael Richardson (Jabba the Hutt), Dee Bradley Baker (The Clones, Rex, Cody) and composer Kevin Kiner discussed 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' at the film's premiere in Hollywood.See Transcript

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Transcript:Star Wars: The Clone Wars-Padme, Jabba the Hutt, and Clones

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the U.S. Premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Catherine Taber – The Voice of Padme Amidala

So tell me about taking on the voice of Padme. She's a character a lot of people love and feel very close to.

Catherine Taber: "I was really excited because she's my favorite female character, by far. I just love about her that she's a female – she's feminine and graceful – but she's also totally courageous and willing to get in there and fight with the boys. I love that. That was really exciting."

Are we going to see her getting a lot into the action in The Clone Wars, the TV series?

Catherine Taber: "As usual, she's doing what she can to avoid problems. But whenever the problems come up and there's no way around it, she gets in there and fights. And you also in the series you'll get to see a little more romance, which I think is really great."

Do you enjoy playing that part of the character more than the tough part of her?

Catherine Taber: "If I had to choose, I'd go with the tough. But they're both great. And one without the other is not… That's what's so neat is she's both."

Do you have to be in the booth by yourself or do you get to interact?

Catherine Taber: "We usually are with as many people in that particular script who are in town and not off on a movie or whatever. We have everybody together, which is great. Especially with Matt and I if we are doing a scene which is somewhat heartfelt, it makes such a huge difference to have him there. Even to be able to look across the room and see him."

When she's doing action scenes in the movie and the TV show, are you in the booth doing stuff?

Catherine Taber: "You can't do too much because the microphone will pick it up. And that's what's crazy because I'm an on-camera actress also, so I come from that background. So they'll sometimes be like, 'You can't move that much.' So I'm one who, I do as much as I can without the microphone picking it up. And you also, you worry about what you're wearing and stuff so you don't wear noisy clothes, so that you can do that. But I think it helps. It helps me to do as much of the action as I can."

What's it feel like to now be a part of the Star Wars franchise forever?

Catherine Taber: "It's pretty amazing. I mean honestly I'm a big Star Wars fan. I think it's such an amazing franchise that spans this whole group of fans and it makes me feel really proud."

Dee Bradley Baker – The Voice of the Clones, Rex and Cody

The voice of the Clones, that's a tough job.

Dee Bradley Baker: "It is, just to be a good soldier. There's a great variety of them and they all talk, and each one's a little bit different. And it's great excitement to be a part of Star Wars again."

You have to do so many different voices. How do you find different voices for each one?

Dee Bradley Baker: "Each one has a different status, a different rank, and a slightly different spin that the writers give it. And so we record them separately so that there is a distinctness and integrity to each one which hopefully will play out in the series and in the movie that you see."

Composer Kevin Kiner

Tell me about working on this because everybody knows the music to Star Wars. How do you change it and make it your own?

Kevin Kiner: "I think that I had to take a lot of what John was doing conceptually, and then kind of move forward or in a bit of a different direction. But a lot of it we tried to keep, the sound we tried to keep it in the Star Wars universe with what we were doing. The difference is there's a lot of ethnic elements in this that weren't in the original film. A lot of big Japanese drums, a lot of ethnic flute, ethnic singers, things like that, that we used to give the otherworldliness to some of the planets."

Kevin Michael Richardson – The Voice of Jabba the Hutt

How much fun was it actually play the character?

Kevin Michael Richardson: "It was great. I couldn't believe I got to play him. I couldn't believe I was asked to play him. So, you know, knowing from the movie history to actually see it and then actually be it is two different things. It was a lot of fun."

How do you find the voice of Jabba the Hutt?

Kevin Michael Richardson: "You know, it was interesting. They played the old reference and I can't recall the original actor that played it but they tweaked his voice electronically. And I just kind of went in and did it without the electronic thing. They did whatever they would in post. But I just looked at the guy. He just reminded me of an old uncle of mine that ate a lot so…no offense, uncle… but that was basically about it."

How is it now to be part of the Star Wars franchise forever?

Kevin Michael Richardson: "I can't believe it. I can't believe it. It's just really cool. It's a really cool thing."

Are they going to bring Jabba back for the TV series or is he just in the movie?

Kevin Michael Richardson: "Quite possibly. They're letting me know some of the information but not everything yet. More will be revealed."

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