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Video:Sex Drive - Clark Duke, Greek Cast Interviews

with Rebecca Murray

Tiffany Dupont, Jacob Zachar, and Dilshad Vadsaria from "Greek" were on hand in LA to support their fellow cast mate Clark Duke as he takes to the big screen in "Sex Drive." Duke plays a real chick magnet in the R-rated teen romantic comedy.See Transcript

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Transcript:Sex Drive - Clark Duke, Greek Cast Interviews

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the Los Angeles Premiere of Sex Drive.

Clark Duke ('Lance') in Sex Drive

The killer love interest type guy –that's you.

Clark Duke: "Yeah, I've been typecast. It's a shame."

How are you going to break out of that?

Clark Duke: "I don't know. I don't know. I'll probably just ride it out for a while and then once that's over, probably just pursue my real passion."

Which is?

Clark Duke: "Car racing."

They're so close together – being a love interest and car racing.

Clark Duke: "Maybe I'll start a non-profit."

For what? What charity?

Clark Duke: "They're all about the same. I don't know."

People? Animals? Diseases?

Clark Duke: "Yeah, things that are alive, for sure."

You get this script, what appealed to you?

Clark Duke: "It was funny, you know? There's not a much more scientific answer than that. I just thought it was funny. It's more of an art than a science, really."

Did you stick to it at all?

Clark Duke: "Yeah, we would always shoot one or two on the page and then kind of get a little loose with it."

How many of those loose ones made it in the movie?

Clark Duke: "Most of them. Yeah, quite a few."

Tell me about working on this and working with Josh [Zuckerman].

Clark Duke: "It was great. I didn't know Josh before this but it's hard not to become pretty good friends with somebody you spend three months with every day, you know?"

Have you had any weird roadtrip experiences yourself?

Clark Duke: "No, I wish I had an exciting answer. I can make something up if you want. No, I really can't. I lied. I was on the spot too much."

And teen romantic comedies, do you love them?

Clark Duke: "I'm a big fan of John Hughes, yeah, and a lot of the better '80s films. Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Better Off Dead, The Sure Thing , which is definitely an influence on this picture. If the kids haven't seen that one, go see it. Watch this first."

Tiffany Dupont, Jacob Zachar, and Dilshad Vadsaria from Greek

Tiffany Dupont: "Greek has been paired up with Declare Yourself and we've been going around the United States to different colleges to visit our demographic and our fans to encourage kids to vote in this very important election. "

Are you finding that it's easy to convince people to vote in this election?

Tiffany Dupont: "Yeah, actually. I think anyone who hasn't registered to vote that comes to the event ends up registering before they leave. That's exactly our goal and it's been great."

Jacob Zachar: "They make it very easy online to do that as well, the organization, Declare Yourself."

Dilshad Vadsaria: "Declare Yourself.com. It's such an easy thing. It literally takes five minutes to do. That's what people are doing when we're out there. They have stations set up and they can go online and do it. It's very quick."

How important is it to you personally to get people out there to vote?

Dilshad Vadsaria: "I think it's really important because of all the major issues that are kind of affecting the future generations and you know their parents and grandparents as of right now. It's kind of like everything's sort of hitting the fan right now with the environment, with the war, with the economy. I mean definitely the economy right now, and it kind of hits home because of school loans, because of trying to find jobs, and all these major issues, and who's going to be the person who can really lead this country, who can gain respect back in this world so that we are the world's leader again? These are so many important questions and it's sort of really close to my heart, and that's why it's really important for me to go out there and say it's really important that we vote. We do have the power to do something."

On a lighter note, what's happening with the show?

Jacob Zachar: "We're currently filming our next season right now where we all got bumped up to the next year in college. So you're going to see changes with relationships and changes in personal traits of our characters and things like that."

Anything that they did bumping you guys up surprise you about what happened to your character?

Tiffany Dupont: "Oh my gosh, I can't say what it is but my character has the probably biggest change of everyone so far."

Dilshad Vadsaria: "A lot of characters, actually. I think Amber's character… I think a lot of characters have found a bit of an arc in their storylines, and you'll see different sides. Like what Jacob was saying, you'll kind of see these characters evolve so it's kind of taking them to the next step."

Jacob Zachar: "There's new priorities for everybody."

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