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Video:Superbad - Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Interviews

with Rebecca Murray

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were teens when they came up with the basic script for Superbad, a coming of age comedy about two high school seniors who want to get lucky with the ladies before high school's over.See Transcript

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Transcript:Superbad - Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Interviews

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the Hollywood Premiere of Superbad.

Writer/Executive Producer Evan Goldberg

Tell me where this movie came from.

Evan Goldberg: "Me and Seth Rogen were 13 years old, and we were kind of sick of the movies we'd been seeing – teen movies – so we went upstairs to my sister's bedroom and tried to do it up on her computer."

How close was that 13-year-old version to what we actually saw on the screen?

Evan Goldberg: "Very close, same basic set-up. It starts at Evan's house, goes to high school, two different parties, and the stories diverge. We met Judd Apatow, and he helped us instill emotional importance and intelligence, and a couple of other things…"

How important was that?

Evan Goldberg: "This would be a funny movie without it, but nothing memorable, which I really hope it is."

How much of this is actually you?

Evan Goldberg: "It's all me. Seth didn't do a damn thing. No, it's very close to how things were, but neither Michael Cera nor Jonah Hill are trying to do me and Seth. It's similar but different. I'm going to wait to see what my friends think. They're the judges of that, I suppose."

Are you doing The Green Hornet with Seth?

Evan Goldberg: "Yes, I am."

Have you guys started that yet?

Evan Goldberg: "We started on Wednesday [August 8, 2007]. We watched every episode of the show."

Do you like it? Are you a fan?

Evan Goldberg: "I love the show. I mean, you know, it's back in the day, it's a little cheesy, set decoration's not quite what it is now. But Bruce Lee is awesome. Van Williams is the slickest dude in town. I don't know. The guy, he has a trench coat and a green hat. It's awesome. And his car is amazingly cool."

And you're going to have a car like that of course.

Evan Goldberg: "Oh yeah."

A lot of people are kind of worried that it's going to be too much of a comedy.

Evan Goldberg: "It's not a comedy."

Okay, tell me what it's going to be? Pure action?

Evan Goldberg: "In our heads it's like Indiana Jones, Lethal Weapon, 48 Hours. Just like action… You know, Indiana Jones is not an action movie and it's not a comedy. It's an adventure, so I guess this is an adventure maybe. Like, you'll laugh but it's an action movie."

How worried are you about satisfying fans of the old series or do you have to worry because a lot of people don't even know that?

Evan Goldberg: "The beauty of Green Hornet is there are no real fans alive anymore. I mean there's fans. My uncle's real excited and my dad, and all they remember is Bruce Lee kicking people's butt and that's it. So people don't really remember much, but even if they do we're sticking with the script pretty much."

Are you aiming for PG-13?

Evan Goldberg: "PG-13. It's not necessary. There's no reason to swear in that movie at all."

Any ideas on casting for Kato?

Evan Goldberg: "I mean, let the search begin. If anyone's watching this, and you're Asian and you're remarkable martial arts, contact me."

Seth Rogen (Writer, Executive Producer, 'Officer Michaels')

The script that you guys wrote when you were 13 to what's on the screen, how is it different?

Seth Rogen: "I mean, the sequence of the events is generally the same. I'd say the emotional story is what's changed the most, the relationship between the guys. But the general idea is pretty much the same."

We didn't get R-rated comedies for such a long time. What made it okay, and why are studios backing them?

Seth Rogen: "I don't know. I think studios, one person does it and then every other studio becomes less afraid to do it seems to be like what it is. But it's more stringent R ratings now. It's crazy to me. I think everyone should be able to see this stuff."

What about Jonah Hill taking the lead role that you were going to play years ago?

Seth Rogen: "You know, I very selfishly thought that after I couldn't do it no one could, but that wasn't true at all. He does it great."

And I heard that you guys started The Green Hornet script on Wednesday.

Seth Rogen: "Yeah, we've got a few days in. We're pretty slow; I don't know if there's one word written yet."

But you know the tone?

Seth Rogen: "No, kind of. It's actioney, action-ey."

No comedy?

Seth Rogen: "Maybe some, I don't know. Who knows what will happen."

Who's going to play Kato?

Seth Rogen: "I don't know. You want to?"

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