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Video:Robert Pattinson Interview-Twilight, Hollywood Film Festival

with Rebecca Murray

The 12th Annual Hollywood Film Festival could not have chosen a more in-demand actor than Robert Pattinson to receive their 'New Hollywood Award.' Pattinson stars in "Twilight," and that role has made him into a hot commodity around the globe.See Transcript

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Transcript:Robert Pattinson Interview-Twilight, Hollywood Film Festival

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the 12th Annual Hollywood Film Festival Awards Gala.

Robert Pattinson – 'New Hollywood Award' Recipient and 'Edward Cullen' in Twilight

What can we expect from Twilight? Are we all going to be satisfied?

Robert Pattinson: "I really hope so. …I kind of knew that some people liked it at the beginning – not as much as I realize now. But I mean I kind of liked him as a character and I wasn't trying to play him as a fantasy figure. I was trying to play it as, you know, realistically as I could. So I mean hopefully that works."

What about the reshoots? What did you guys have to go back and do?

Robert Pattinson: "We did… They weren't all reshoots. We did some new scenes from, like period scenes. What else did I shoot? I reshot when I kiss Bella. Yeah, so I was like, 'All right.'"

How many of your songs are going to end up in the movie? Two?

Robert Pattinson: "Two songs, yeah. One of them is written by a friend of mine; one of them is written by me."

Was it one you wrote specifically for the movie?

Robert Pattinson: "No. It was completely… Catherine [Hardwicke] had a CD of my stuff and just put it in. I just thought it was kind of a joke. It's completely insane. It's like Radiohead and Linkin Park and all these people like that. How did that happen? Yeah, it's completely strange."

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