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Video:Robert Downey Jr Due Date Interview

with Rebecca Murray

Robert Downey Jr stars with Zach Galifianakis ('The Hangover') in the comedy 'Due Date.' Downey Jr plays a married man just trying to make it home for the birth of his child. Galifianakis is a wannabe actor Downey Jr's forced into traveling with.See Transcript

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Transcript:Robert Downey Jr Due Date Interview

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the LA Premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' Due Date.

Robert Downey Jr and Producer Susan Downey - Due Date

Susan, you were a producer on Iron Man 2 and an executive producer on this one. Is that fun or is it hard to work with this guy?

Susan Downey: "Oh, it's the best. It's the best."

Robert Downey Jr: "I'm sorry - I wasn't expecting that answer."

Susan Downey: "What did you think, I was going to get all snarky and all that."

Robert Downey Jr: "I don't know."

Susan Downey: "No. Sometimes a simple, honest answer is the easiest. No, I mean what we do is..."

Robert Downey Jr: "Don't pull your head away when I'm kissing you."

Susan Downey: "Here you go. No, what we do it takes so much time and energy and we just love doing it together."

And the specialness of being on a Todd Phillips movie. What's he like on the set?

Robert Downey Jr: "He's one of my best friends and my favorite director."


Robert Downey Jr: "Yeah. I'm sorry. Sorry, guys."

Why do you think people are going to like this movie?

Robert Downey Jr: "Well, I think that Todd has brought his artistry to yet another level in that this film has some real emotional weight but it's its own kind of silly. Everyone who's seen it just has some different part of it that they enjoy. We're so pleased."

How much did you stay to the script and how much is you throwing stuff in?

Robert Downey Jr: "We had really talented writers and then we deviated from that a fair amount. If somebody had a better idea they'd rewrite it or we'd improvise something different and it was fun."

[Robert Downey Jr catches up with his Due Date and Natural Born Killer co-star Juliette Lewis]

Juliette Lewis: "I was just saying that... I just said, quote, 'He's a magical spark-plug of amazingness - Robert Downey Jr."

She's comparing Natural Born Killers to this movie too

Robert Downey Jr: "I knew I liked you."

Juliette Lewis: "Yes, you passed through hot territories."

Robert Downey Jr: "Oh yeah. That was an epic."

Juliette Lewis: "That was an epic."

Robert Downey Jr: "It's Juliette Lewis. Come on, it doesn't get any better than that."

How easy was it to work with Todd Phillips?

Robert Downey Jr: "The nice thing is we kind of became friends instantly and we will be friends forever, and I guarantee you we will continue to work together."

Working with Zach Galifianakis, was it hard to keep a straight face?

Robert Downey Jr: "Well?"

Susan Downey: "I've seen the kind of blooper reel and I think I can safely say yes. Although sometimes you just had that look of annoyance on your face too. It was either a laugh or rolling eyes."

Robert Downey Jr: "God bless his heart. Is he here? Is he coming tonight? Oh wow, he was invited."

Can you compare the cute dog as an actor versus your co-star Zach?

Robert Downey Jr: "Yes. That's actually a very key question. Well actually Sonny who is supposed to be a boy is largely played by a female dog. Honey is a bitch, Sonny's supposed to beat his meatstick in the movie so they pulled in a male dog. And that's how I think of Zach is kind of a hermaphrodite hound."

In the ranks of comedy duos, how do you think you and Zach fare?

Robert Downey Jr: "I'll know a lot more in a couple of hours but I would say, you know, Ashford and Simpson right now and we'll see if we get to Hope and Crosby."

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