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Video:Callan McAuliffe, Austin Butler, and Debby Ryan Interviews - Prom Premiere

with Rebecca Murray

Callan McAuliffe from 'I Am Number Four,' Austin Butler from 'Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure' and Debby Ryan - soon to be seen in the new TV series 'Jessie' - chatted up their projects before taking in a screening of Disney's 'Prom.'See Transcript

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Transcript:Callan McAuliffe, Austin Butler, and Debby Ryan Interviews - Prom Premiere

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the World Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures' Prom.

Callan McAuliffe, Austin Butler, and Debby Ryan Interviews

Callan McAuliffe from I Am Number Four

So, what have you been doing since promoting I Am Number Four?

Callan McAuliffe: "We just got back from Australia. Just went back to see some friends, finish school work, so that's interesting. Still getting used to it again. But we're here at the prom which should be fun. Never been to a prom before."

How could you have never been to a prom?

Callan McAuliffe: "The only sort of prom-y thing I've been to is a really, really horrible and awkward organized dance where you have all the people lining up, like girls on one side, boys on the other..."


Callan McAuliffe: "Yeah. And then they play something like dosey doe and they're like, 'Okay, now girls, then boys, come together.'"

It sounds like a scene from Harry Potter.

Callan McAuliffe: "It was terrible. It was Harry Potter all over again, just without the magic."

How do you get past that? That's a horrifying experience.

Callan McAuliffe: "You don't. It was. I mean, I'm traumatized the rest of my life. I'm not going to be able to deal with it. But, that's why I'm here, trying to rectify that."

So you're totally finished with school now?

Callan McAuliffe: "No. I'm doing long-distance education for the vocationally talented. So, basically they send me a bunch of school work and I sit on the couch and do it. It's super difficult."

What are you going to work on next?

Callan McAuliffe: "There's a few things coming up which I can't really say too much about."

That's what you told me last time we talked.

Callan McAuliffe: "I know, and it's still that way. I mean, we've got Cloudstreet coming out in Australia. You guys might not see that. But, that's great if you can check that out. It might be online sometime."

Tell me about it.

Callan McAuliffe: "Cloudstreet? It's an Australian mini-series and I'm in the first two hours of what is a six hour mini-series playing the younger version of an older character. So that's great. It was great to go back to Australia and film with some people with the same accent as me."

Austin Butler from Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

Austin Butler: "I go to About.com all the time."

Do you? Tell me why you go to About.com.

Austin Butler: "Because it tells you about anything that you need, like whether it be how to dress or how to wash your car."

Or how to get ready for prom.

Austin Butler: "Or how to get ready for prom. Are you guys all over that?

We are all over it.

Austin Butler: "Well, I wish I would have gone on About about how to get ready for prom, because I didn't come with a boutonniere."

You look good. So tell me about everything that you're working on right now.

Austin Butler: "Well, I did this movie called Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure."

Which everybody loved.

Austin Butler: "They loved it? Good. So, that just came out. And now I start next week on a show called Switched at Birth that's on ABC Family. It hasn't been out yet. So I get to play like I'm in a band and it's really cool. It'll be fun."

Who's with you?

Austin Butler: "Lucas Grabeel. We're in a band together in the show. His sister is the one who was switched at birth. So then our relationship kind of like...it goes through that, but I can't give out any details. No spoilers on About.com."

No spoilers on About.com.

Austin Butler: "I love just dropping About.com. It sounds nice. You can work it into any sentence. Any sentence about .com."

Debby Ryan from Jessie

Tell about all about this new show of yours.

Debby Ryan: "So Jessie, my new show, is basically about this girl who ends up becoming this nanny for a high-profile couple. So there are these four kids from like 6 years old to 13, and she's watching them grow, kind of getting a couple of them in line. Three of the four have been adopted so some of them are new to the family, some of them are new to the country. And it's very cool to be experiencing new cultures, experiencing theirs as they are learning ours, while growing up, while moving to a different city. I think it's kind of got a bunch of dynamics."

What is it like for you to work with the younger kids?

Debby Ryan: "It's going to be cool. They've cast two of the four so far, they've cast a couple of them. They're still locking some of them down. I went in for a chemistry test to read with them and I popped out of the audition and said, 'Can I just have a minute with the kids?' And I sat them down on the floor and we played hand-clappy games and talked about our lives, like how we started acting and all this. It's cool to get to know them, to get to know their hearts and their dreams. You know, there are things you don't know about multi-camera sitcom unless you work on multi-camera sitcom, so it's cool to be able to teach them and really be this guide. A few years ago I was brand new at this and so now I've kind of got a little more experience under my belt and as I get a little more well-learned, I'm kind of teaching a bit - which is fun."

Is it difficult to be the lead of a show?

Debby Ryan: "I don't think it is for me. Since the concept of the show, I've been very involved in the creative process, who was hired for the hair and makeup and writers and things like that. I'd go in and sit with them, so being very involved in that I feel like it's more than just a lead. It's my heart and it's such a vision of mine to really come to life. So I feel like more than hard, it's actually empowering and it's rewarding. It's really rewarding to see things come together. It's this concept in your head and then it's a script, and then you have kids acting out, you have faces. It's this whole process, and it's very amazing."

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