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Video:Steve Zahn Interview - A Perfect Getaway and Wimpy Kid

with Rebecca Murray

Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich star as a couple honeymooning in Kauai in 'A Perfect Getaway,' an action thriller written and directed by David Twohy. Zahn's not the comic relief in this one and instead gets heavily into the action.See Transcript

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Transcript:Steve Zahn Interview - A Perfect Getaway and Wimpy Kid

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the premiere of Rogue Pictures' A Perfect Getaway.

Steve Zahn - 'Cliff' in A Perfect Getaway

So how do you like playing the straight guy in this? You get to do that some.

Steve Zahn: "It's weird. For a long time I didn't play the straight guy, and then I found that as I got older, it started happening more."

But you're not really that old.

Steve Zahn: "I am. Well, I mean as you get older. I don't play the drug addict college kid anymore, or whatever. You know, if you have longevity and last, it automatically starts changing gradually, so I'm very lucky."

How did train for this because you go through hell in there?

Steve Zahn: "I don't know, You know, pretend."

You were actually out there doing stuff. I saw the movie.

Steve Zahn: "Yeah, then they stop the camera and you can stop running. I don't have to like be Bruce Jenner. I just do it for like 10 seconds."

What about the kayaking?

Steve Zahn: "I actually kayak and canoe and all that. So Tim [Olyphant] and I were like... He kayaks a lot, too, so we kind of took advantage of the training. That's when you get to the job and you're like, 'Hey, we need a lot of training - both he and I. We need training tomorrow too for like three hours. If think you should send us back out to the big surf.'"

What do you think this is going to do to Hawaii's tourist industry?

Steve Zahn: "Pick it up. I don't know."

Really? People want to go to a place where there are murderers.

Steve Zahn: "It's pretend."

And you've got Diary of a Wimpy Kid that you just signed on for?

Steve Zahn: "Yeah. [...]I love the script and books are great. My son is like a huge fan and that was a very big reason to do it."

Major brownie points for signing on.

Steve Zahn: "Exactly. Every once in a while you've got to do something for the kids."

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