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Video:Timothy Olyphant Interview - A Perfect Getaway

with Rebecca Murray

Timothy Olyphant was born in Hawaii and although 'A Perfect Getaway' is set in his home state, it was actually shot elsewhere. But Olyphant says it does represent the island very well. And on the red carpet he talked about preparing for his role.See Transcript

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Transcript:Timothy Olyphant Interview - A Perfect Getaway

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the premiere of Rogue Pictures' A Perfect Getaway.

Timothy Olyphant - 'Nick' in A Perfect Getaway

How well does it represent Hawaii?

Timothy Olyphant: "Oh, it represents. When people see it, they're going to say, 'That looks like Hawaii.'"

Why didn't they just film it in Hawaii?

Timothy Olyphant: "Taxes, rebates, money... That's the way show business goes. Wherever is cheaper. And then you get to put more of the money up on that screen."

That makes sense.

Timothy Olyphant: "I don't think they could afford me if they shot it in Hawaii."

See, they wouldn't want to do the movie without you.

Timothy Olyphant: "That's a smart ass thing to say. It's absolutely not true."

Playing an ex-Special Ops guy, how do you get into that?

Timothy Olyphant: "Oh, how do you get into it?"

Because you went there.

Timothy Olyphant: "Yeah, I woke up every morning and I was in it. I can't remember how I did it, but I was in it. I remember being in it. I remember being there. I remember feeling it every day - Special Ops-ish."

And the knives and the bows, you were just so good with these. How do you do that?

Timothy Olyphant: "I did all the training. I hung out with the Seals for weeks. I was like I didn't know where I was."

Oh really?

Timothy Olyphant: "Oh, yeah. When you hang out with those Seal guys, you just wake up and you're like in Yugoslavia or something. I mean that's where they told me I was. Those guys are crazy. You go out and they're like, 'Come on, we're going to go swimming!' And you're like, 'Seems a bit cold.' And then hours later you're like, 'I can't feel my legs.'"

Did they help you?

Timothy Olyphant: "They said it would. You have to see the movie. I don't know if it really transfers."

You're a good kayaker, right?

Timothy Olyphant: "Yeah, we did some kayaking. That, I just trained with [Steve] Zahn. Zahn and I kayak trained together."

He said he didn't need any training. He was really good at it anyway.

Timothy Olyphant: "Zahn's basically... You know when the credits roll at the very end, and they move fast? But I'm pretty sure Steve Zahn's a technical advisor. That kid, he's like Man vs Wild, Zahn. He helped me with the bow. He helped me with the kayaking."

I can't picture that.

Timothy Olyphant: "I don't know if he gets paid extra or he's just a giver or they gave him credit, but it's in there."

How far into the reading the script did you figure out the twist?

Timothy Olyphant: "You know, I was kind of onto it. This is why I think the movie was especially attractive to me is that I think I had figured it out early, and I still was enjoying it. It's one of those movies where you watch it a second time, you know the twist and it's just as fun - if not more fun."

I'm going to have to watch it a second time then.

Timothy Olyphant: "That's my point, exactly. And then check back with me."

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