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Video:Paul Rudd Interview - How Do You Know

with Rebecca Murray

Paul Rudd reunites with Reese Witherspoon for the romantic comedy/drama 'How Do You Know' about a woman (Witherspoon) who has a difficult time deciding which way to go with her love life. Rudd and Owen Wilson play the men she's stuck between.See Transcript

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Transcript:Paul Rudd Interview - How Do You Know

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the LA Premiere of Columbia Pictures' How Do You Know.

Paul Rudd - 'George' in How Do You Know

You've worked with Reese Witherspoon before.

Paul Rudd: "Yes."

What was it like reuniting with her and easy is it to get that chemistry?

Paul Rudd: "It was great. She was the only person I'd ever worked with. I'd met Owen a couple of times but I didn't really know Owen. And Jack Nicholson I love, but never met the man and it was overwhelming. Reese, it was great. We had been friends for many years and it was very familiar, and I think it felt as if...I think we clicked early on because of it."

When you're friends, is it easy to get a romantic connection on screen?

Paul Rudd: "Yeah... It's all kind of there and you're just acting a part. It's as easy as doing anything else in a movie. And it's Reese Witherspoon; you don't really have to act that hard."

She's kind of got everything going real well in life right now. What's it like to see her in the zone that she's in?

Paul Rudd: "Oh I mean, it's great. I'm happy for her. She's my friend and you want your friends to be happy, so that's great."

What did you borrow from Jack Nicholson to inform your performance as his son? Did you look at any of his mannerisms?

Paul Rudd: "Little things here and there, but nothing so specific. I didn't want to look like I was trying to do a Jack Nicholson impersonation. That's a weird territory to get into. It's not about your voice, it's really about posture and things like that or certain inflections. He's too iconic to try and do that with."

What did you learn from him acting-wise?

Paul Rudd: "Oh man, quite a bit. I learned just actually how important it is to do a great job when you're not on camera. I've done that before when it's a close-up on the other person and you're acting. But he would do things and change lines and scream and do stuff so that something would happen with my eyes. It was amazing. It was like the master class to work with him."

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