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Video:Overview of Jurassic Park Movies

with Lauren Zima

The Jurassic Park movies were some of the most groundbreaking films of their time. This About.com video has an overview of the three classic movies from Steven Spielberg.See Transcript

Transcript:Overview of Jurassic Park Movies

Hi, I'm Lauren Zima with About.com, and today we're giving you a quick overview of the Jurassic Park movie series.

Jurassic Park

The first film, based on the Michael Crichton novel, hit theaters in 1993. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the movie stars Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum. They're members of a group of experts brought to Jurassic Park.

It's a theme park where dinosaurs have been brought back to life through DNA technology funded by character John Hammond. But things go wrong, the park's power is shut down and the dinosaurs run free, killing many of the characters.

Jurassic Park was critically praised and is still considered a landmark film in the use of computer-generated imagery. It made about $915 million worldwide and won three Academy Awards, and of course, made room for a sequel.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

In 1997, Spielberg got behind the camera again for The Lost World: Jurassic Park. The sequel is also based on a Crichton novel.

The film takes place years after the first; dinosaurs have been surviving in secret on the island, now deserted by humans. But Hammond's nephew sends an expedition to bring dinosaurs back to the U.S. for profits to revive his uncle's ailing company. Hammond sends his own expedition, with original character Dr. Ian Malcolm, to stop them.

The Lost World received mixed reviews but was still a financial success, grossing more than $615 million worldwide.

Jurassic Park III

Then, in 2001, Jurassic Park III, the first of the series not directed by Spielberg or based on a novel by Crichton.

In this film, character Dr. Alan Grant, from the first film, is tricked by a divorced couple into returning to one of the dinosaur-infested islands to help them find their son, who got lost their on a vacation.  Jurassic Park III was, critically, the worst-rated of the trio, though it did receive some positive reviews. It made about $370 million worldwide.

That's our overview of the Jurassic Park series. Thanks for watching. For more on movies, go to About.com.

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