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Video:Overview of James Bond Movies

with Carissa Loethen

The James Bond saga follows the action packed and sophisticated life of the most well-known Hollywood spy. Learn more about 007 and the James Bond movies in this About.com video.See Transcript

Transcript:Overview of James Bond Movies

Hi I'm Carissa Loethen and today we're profiling Bond, James Bond — the suave, sophisticated, and just-a-little-bit dangerous British intelligence officer who's licensed to kill.

Ian Fleming's Bond

Writer Ian Fleming created James Bond — code name 007 — in 1953. Fleming wrote 12 Bond novels, but there have been 23 Bond films — and six different James Bonds.

Actors who Played James Bond

Sean Connery was the first — and some say the best — Bond. After Connery called it quits after six movies, George Lazenby picked up the spy's Walther PPK  handgun —  appearing as Bond just once.

Lazenby was followed by Roger Moore, who leads all actors with seven Bond films. Then came Timothy Dalton, who starred as 007 twice.

Pierce Brosnan took four turns as Bond. The British spy is currently played by Daniel Craig — who's starred in three Bond movies.

Bond Gadgets and Girls

James Bond is known for his guns and his gadgets – like an Aston Martin equipped with machine guns hidden in its headlights. He's also famous for getting out of tight spots.

Then there are the Bond women Ursula Andress, Halle Berry, Naomie Harris they are young, beautiful, and sometimes as dangerous as Bond himself.

And that's a look at James Bond — the British spy, movie icon, and a man who likes his martinis shaken, not stirred. For more information, check out About.com.

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