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Video:George Clooney, Jerry Weintraub, and Shaobo Qin Interviews

with Rebecca Murray

George Clooney spent time with hundreds of fans before taking to the red carpet in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater for the premiere of Ocean's Thirteen. Once on the carpet, Clooney and his fellow cast members chatted up the final Ocean's film.See Transcript

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Transcript:George Clooney, Jerry Weintraub, and Shaobo Qin Interviews

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the North American premiere of Ocean's Thirteen.

George Clooney ('Danny Ocean')

How easy is it to keep it fresh when you've done this twice before?

George Clooney: "It's easy with these guys. They're all…you know, they love what they do. It's very rare that, you've seen this before, a lot of people like to be tortured and these guys aren't tortured. They really like what they do so it's easy."

Is it as much fun as it seems when we're watching the film?

George Clooney: "It is fun. It's always fun. It's fun because of Steven [Soderbergh]. It's fun because of the other actors. It's always fun."

Has the process changed when you're working with Steven now over the years?

George Clooney: "No. The process is he's a really good filmmaker and we trust what he's doing, you know? That's the process."

Do you have more Ocean's movies in you?

George Clooney: "No, no, we're done. We're positive. We feel like we sort of got our hat handed to us on Twelve and we wanted another crack at it. We didn't want to go out like that. So this is one we worked on to make sure it had a little punch to it."

Why are audiences going to love this one?

George Clooney: "Well, we'll see. You know, I always think that revenge films are more fun so…"

Producer Jerry Weintraub

How important is it to be doing the fundraising for Darfur along with supporting the film?

Jerry Weintraub: "Well that's the most important thing we're doing. We're very excited about that and it's going very, very well. We distributed a lot of money this morning, about $3.5 million and we're going to get a lot more in the next couple of weeks. So we're very happy about it."

How tough is it to get these guys back together to do an Ocean's movie?

Jerry Weintraub: "It's not tough. It's just about schedules. It's only about schedules. They all want to be there. They all want to work together so it's easy."

And working with Steven Soderbergh?

Jerry Weintraub: "He's the greatest. He's the best director in the world."

Why do you say that? What sets him apart?

Jerry Weintraub: "I think he's the finest director that there is. He's a genius. I love working with him and I could just make movies with him forever and not work with anybody else. It's okay with me."

Is there going to be an Ocean's Fourteen?

Jerry Weintraub: "I have no idea."

Shaobo Qin ('Yen')

How difficult were the stunts in this one compared to the last two?

Shaobo Qin: "Mainly the dialogue was the hardest part, not so much the stunt sequences."

What was it like to reunite with the whole group of actors?

Shaobo Qin: "It's not really easy for everybody to get together with all the schedules but I'm extremely happy just to be able to get everybody together and work on another film."

Do think there's going to be a Fourteen?

Shaobo Qin: "Nobody's said anything yet."

Do you want to do one?

Shaobo Qin: "I would definitely like to it again, just so that we can all get together again."

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