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Video:Ninja Assassin Rain Interview

with Rebecca Murray

Korean pop singer Rain tackles his first leading role in a major feature film with 'Ninja Assassin' from director James McTeigue. On the red carpet in LA, Rain joined producer Joel Silver and actor Stephen Marcus to chat up this action-packed film.See Transcript

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Transcript:Ninja Assassin Rain Interview

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the LA Premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' Ninja Assassin.

Rain – 'Raizo' in Ninja Assassin

How difficult was it to star in your first major film?

Rain: "I'm so excited, you know? It's great, friends are great. Everything's perfect. Wow, I can't believe it."

Tell me about training and learning to use the weapons.

Rain: "I had to get my body fit, like Bruce Lee. You know, I trained for eight months, five days a week, eight hours a day. And I learned a lot of martial arts. Taekwondo, tai chi, kung-fu, ninja techniques with swords, double swords, chains – a lot. You know what? It was horrible."

Which was the hardest of all of those?

Rain: "The most hardest part is food. Yeah, when I was doing stunts…I really love chocolate and I never eat chocolate, no sugar, no salt. It was horrible."

Why should people see this?

Rain: "It is a kick-ass movie."

Stephen Marcus – 'Kingpin'

Tell me who Kingpin is.

Stephen Marcus: "Who the Kingpin is…Kingpin is a crime overlord who has the dubious honor of being the first kill for our hero, Raizo."

So you die early on?

Stephen Marcus: "Yeah."

That sucks.

Stephen Marcus: "That does suck but it was fun. It was great fun getting to be beaten and having a big fight, a full-on big fight with martial arts and ninja stuff. Not me personally. My character was more the big bear hugging, grabbing, smashing against walls type of fighter. It was just great fun. As an actor I don't get to do that very often, and they only had the stunt man double for me on one shot where I had to get kicked in the head. We did it and I got kicked in the head, so they put the stunt man in so I didn't get kicked in the head."

You were in Speed Racer so you're familiar with working with these producers [the Wachowski Brothers]. What are they like behind the scenes?

Stephen Marcus: "Oh, they're great. I never know what to answer that question what are they like behind the scenes because they're normal-ish guys, like everybody else. Everybody's got their quirks, I'm sure they have them. I don't know. They're just guys. They sit around and talk about football and stuff when we're not shooting. But generally they're very focused."

Producer Joel Silver

Why was Rain the guy for this movie because he's untested really?

Joel Silver: "He had great ability. He had great technique. He was a great dancer but he was able to learn how to do all the fights and understand how to do all the martial arts, and really had great skill at it. He just took it and ran with it. I mean it was very impressive to see him learn how to do it and watch him do it. He's very good in the movie and he pulls it off really well."

Physically he can do it but he also has to sell the character, so how did you know he was going to be able to do that?

Joel Silver: "Well the character was written for him. He doesn't have a lot to say. I mean he says important things, but he's kind of a quiet, stoic guy. But he does what he has to do and he delivers. He does a wonderful job."

You describe this as kind of like a throwback to older ninja movies. Why do we need a throwback now?

Joel Silver: "Because it's a fun martial arts film. No one has made these movies in a while. Yes, we have in The Matrix worked with martial arts and other films have done that, but this really is a martial arts film. It's meant to be a martial arts film and if people like those kinds of movies, we have it for them."

And is it for women?

Joel Silver: "Well, I have a fantasy about this weekend. I think that the young guys will say to their girlfriends: 'Okay, I'll go see Twilight with you if you come see Ninja with me.'"

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