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Video:Thomas Dekker A Nightmare on Elm Street Interview

with Rebecca Murray

Thomas Dekker ('The Sarah Connor Chronicles') plays one of the teens terrorized by Freddy Krueger in the 2010 version of 'A Nightmare on Elm Street.' At the film's premiere, Dekker talked about what makes this 'Nightmare' so different.See Transcript

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Transcript:Thomas Dekker A Nightmare on Elm Street Interview

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the World Premiere of New Line Cinema's A Nightmare on Elm Street presented by Warner Bros Pictures.

Thomas Dekker – 'Jesse' in A Nightmare on Elm Street

You're just having too much fun on the red carpet.

Thomas Dekker: "I am. Well, I love all these people. Except Kyle [Gallner] over there. Kyle's like my brother now. It's very pleasant."

Is it easier to bond on a horror movie set because you guys are all going through hell together?

Thomas Dekker: "I mean it definitely helps because we're all exhausted and it's a support system. But we just got along because totally on a fluke we all are kind of equally nuts in the same way. And three months in Chicago in the same hotel was kind of just like a feeding ground for bonding. We bond instantly, by the way."

All 'nuts in the same way' – how is that?

Thomas Dekker: "Well, you know there's the nuts kind of person that's either annoying or kind of off-putting? We've been off-putting at times, I'm sure, to the outside world, but nuts in that kind of really just hard workers and have the same kind of sense of humor."

So it was lucky that you guys all found each other.

Thomas Dekker: "Very lucky. And it was all…they didn't know that I'm sure when they cast us all separately."

What was it like the very first time you saw Jackie Earle Haley in the makeup and everything?

Thomas Dekker: "I mean, I'll be honest. I know everyone wants me to say I was terrified. My reaction was I just felt terrible for the actor underneath it because it was six hours to apply this and an hour just to take it off. Jackie is such a nice human being and we all kind of definitely felt that pressure to move quickly and be focused when he was on set in that because it was just so hard for him. He never complained, which I would have. But he was really lovely about it."

What sets this Nightmare apart from the other Nightmares?

Thomas Dekker: "I think everything. I really do. I mean other than the concept, obviously, and the idea and a couple of the character names, I mean tonally it's a completely different world to me."

How so?

Thomas Dekker: "In the sense that this film is really about exploring what happened in Freddy Krueger's life and what happened with these kids and why, the backstory. And by really bringing those issues to light, as opposed to sort of covering them under the rug, I think the film had to handle them in a much more serious and elegant way. To explore those things in a kind of popcorn gory summer horror movie completely and only I think would have been wrong."

Were you a fan of the original?

Thomas Dekker: "Absolutely. A big fan of the original and I've seen all of the films. I have them on a little box of DVDs, have for many years."

Are you proud of how this one stacks up against the others?

Thomas Dekker: "Yes. And I'll be honest, I was worried when I heard about it. And then I was…Of course you're worried making it because there's a lot of expectations, and you want to do a good job and you want the film to do a good job. And then I finally saw the finished end result a couple of weeks ago and I was really impressed by it. I think there's a lot of thought in this film, that really you could have easily made a Nightmare on Elm Street remake without any thought, and I appreciate that."

Being a fan of the original, was it important for you to see more of that backstory – just as a fan?

Thomas Dekker: "Yes. I mean kind of the beauty of this is that I suppose all of this backstory that we explore was implied in the original films. It's not that we're rewriting the history, but I suppose just by era or censorship, we're allowed now to really stare these notions that were merely hinted at before in the face. Who was he and how vile were his actions really? And now we're in an era where we can do that. And that may be unpleasant or disturbing to some people, but you know the first word of the title is 'a nightmare' so I think it's deserving of being disturbing."

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