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Video:New Moon Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Reaser Interviews

with Rebecca Murray

It was extremely easy to tell when Robert Pattinson arrived at the LA premiere of 'New Moon' as the crowd went totally crazy. Pattinson spent time with the fans posing and signing autographs before joining his 'New Moon' co-stars to chat up the film.See Transcript

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Transcript:New Moon Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Reaser Interviews

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the LA Premiere of Summit Entertainment's New Moon.

Robert Pattinson – 'Edward Cullen' in The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Robert, we know what's in it for women. What's in it for guys this time?

Robert Pattinson: "I think people are very strange about saying romantic films are not for guys. I mean I related to this book in very, very clear ways. I think anyone who's a guy knows about destroying a relationship themselves because they loved the person too much, and they don't know why they're doing it. I think it's a really interesting story as well."

With all this traveling all over the world to promote this, how much longer is it going to be before you have a nervous breakdown and can't see this film anymore?

Robert Pattinson: "I already had one. I've only seen it once and I'm actually excited about seeing it which is a strange feeling."

Elizabeth Reaser – 'Esme Cullen' in New Moon

Is there anything in your life you would have stayed out on the streets for five days for ever?

Elizabeth Reaser: "Oh, yeah, definitely."


Elizabeth Reaser: "Let me think. Music. Jay-Z. I'm very into Jay-Z. Daniel Day-Lewis in a play maybe. I'm trying to think what I would wait five days for on the streets… [asking her friends]. I don't know about five days though. I'm a little old for five days on the streets. I don't know."

What is it about Twilight that gets these guys out here?

Elizabeth Reaser: "I think it's the idea that you could be loved the way that Edward loves Bella. I think that's what it was for me when I read those books and falling in love with those characters."

That's what caught you?

Elizabeth Reaser: "Yes."

What do you think fans are going to get out of New Moon? It takes the story a little different direction.

Elizabeth Reaser: "I mean what's amazing is to watch Bella be devastated and left behind heartbroken, and to see her fall in love with someone else – and you are rooting for Edward but then you start falling in love with Jacob too and it's very confusing. You can relate to Bella a lot."

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