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Video:Edge of Darkness - Mel Gibson, Graham King Interviews

with Rebecca Murray

Mel Gibson returns to acting after a 7 year break with a starring role in the thriller 'Edge of Darkness' directed by Martin Campbell. At the LA premiere, Gibson joined the cast, Campbell, and producer Graham King to talk about the movie's appeal.See Transcript

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Transcript:Edge of Darkness - Mel Gibson, Graham King Interviews

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the LA Premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' Edge of Darkness.

Mel Gibson – 'Thomas Craven' in Edge of Darkness

How tough was it to put aside the directing and be an actor?

Mel Gibson: "It was easy. It was relatively. I mean, one doesn't take that aspect away. You don't divorce yourself from it. You take cognoscente of it, but you don't make yourself a nuisance with it."

How is it to work with Martin Campbell?

Mel Gibson: "It's great, and here's the thing. When you're helping someone else exercise their vision, it's a mark of respect not to interfere too much. And even if you don't quite think… 'Maybe he's not…I would have done that different,' hey, you have to allow for the possibility that he could be right and he could be wrong."

But do you at least voice your opinion at that point?

Mel Gibson: "Sometimes, you know, if it comes in handy – but it's always friendly. And a couple of times I gave him a couple of suggestions and he's a good director because if he hears a good idea, he goes, 'Huh…,' and he'll snap it. And that's good because no director does anything on his own, myself included. It's the team, it really is. He's good because he took from his team."

I've heard this character described as a conglomeration of other characters you've played, sort of. Is that how you feel about it?

Mel Gibson: "No, not necessarily. I felt he was kind of different. However, you know, I can understand people translating it that way because one can never escape one's self."

Edge of Darkness Producer Graham King

What made you feel this was the right project for Mel Gibson to be acting in?

Graham King: "Well, first of all, you know to get Mel back into this role I thought was amazing because, to me, it's a lot of roles that Mel's played before all rolled into one in Craven. I don't think anyone plays emotion like this guy. I always thought about that scene in Lethal Weapon when he's got the gun in his mouth, and you just want to tear your heart out. And that's what we wanted for this. That's the kind of actor we wanted. It was like a pipedream to say, 'Let's go after Mel Gibson.' He hadn't worked for a while. I didn't know if he wanted to work. I didn't know the guy, you know? Martin Campbell and I just rung him up and said, 'We want to meet with you.' And we knew that he was a huge fan of the miniseries – that we knew - so that was our in. So we went to see him and he said, 'Well, you know, if you guys can get the script right, I'll be really interested.'"

And then you brought in a screenwriter who could do that.

Graham King: "Bill Monahan delivered amazing."

How long did it actually take to convince Mel?

Graham King: "You know, it was a really quick process. I think it was about, from start to finish with Bill writing – because Andrew Bovell had already started the script – I think it took about six weeks, seven weeks. It was really quick. Mel was in my office for about three days. We did read-throughs. We spoke about it. He said, 'Should I do a comedy? Should I do this? I'm not sure what I should do, what I want to do.' He walked in and said, 'Let's go.' And literally it was, 'Let's go,' and that was it."

And you've got The Tourist too, which looks phenomenal.

Graham King: "That's right – small cast, right?"

Could get a bigger cast than that? [Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie are signed on to star]

Graham King: "I know, right? I know."

What can we expect from that?

Graham King: "Oh my god, a really, really fun. It's going to be a fun ride. I mean, it's got serious overtones to it, but it's a real fun remake of this French movie called Anthony Zimmer. Those two? Incredible, incredible. I'm really, really lucky to be doing this. I say that now! Talk to me two weeks into production."

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