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Video:Mehcad Brooks Interview - True Blood

with Rebecca Murray

Mehcad Brooks plays 'Eggs' Benedict on 'True Blood,' the hit vampire show on HBO. And Eggs has been very naughty this season, leading Tara astray and hanging out with a maenad. If none of that makes sense to you, you're not following 'True Blood.'See Transcript

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Transcript:Mehcad Brooks Interview - True Blood

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the world premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' The Final Destination.

Mehcad Brooks – 'Eggs' in True Blood

Do you just love being this guy? He's kind of crazy.

Mehcad Brooks: "Yeah, he's kind of crazy but he's very tortured. It's not all fun and games. You guys are going to see a little more of that."

Are we? Are we going to see more of you with your shirt off? That's big on the internet. You've got to tell the women whether you're going to have your shirt off or not.

Mehcad Brooks: "I think it's been off enough this season. I think it's been off more than it's been on so…"

Do you ever get those scripts and just go…

Mehcad Brooks: "Actually, I'll tell you what. One time I came in for a fitting and they held up this little piece of satin, which I call a Shakespearean change purse - so we nicknamed it Will. And I was like, 'Okay,' so I tried it on and whatever. After a couple more tries, it fit. I said, 'What else do I have?' 'That's it.' So I came in for a fitting to see if my…excuse me…yeah, so, there lies the wardrobe for True Blood."

Did you ever regret naming it Will though because maybe a feminine name around that area would have been nicer?

Mehcad Brooks: "You're funny. I just called it Will because of Shakespeare. But I could call it Wilhelmina, which is not a very cute name. I'm sorry if your name's Wilhelmina. But I'm sorry if you're on About.com and your name is Wilhelmina. I still love you very much."

It's my favorite show. I want to know all the secrets of True Blood. Can you name a few?

Mehcad Brooks: "You want to know all the secrets?"

All the secrets. I got Alexander [Skarsgard] to talk about his hair before he did his hair.

Mehcad Brooks: "Really?"

All he said was it's a change.

Mehcad Brooks: "I don't know a lot about hair. I just know about keeping it off because it's really hot. That's all I've got, sweetie. I can't tell you any secrets."

There's only two episodes left.

Mehcad Brooks: "Two episodes…I know. Are you going to cry or what?"

I'm totally going to cry.

Mehcad Brooks: "I just did in the car. That's why I look like this. It's horrible."

But at least you've got some movies too that you're working on. Just Wright with Queen Latifah.

Mehcad Brooks: "Just Wright with Queen Latifah. My first lead is coming out called Fencewalker. Chris Carter directed it. I got another one called Trysts, which is a really incredible story."

Incredible how?

Mehcad Brooks: "Dark, sort of like New Orleans, FEMA, adultery thing. It's really something you can sink your teeth into, pun intended. Not vampires though."

Do you wish you were a vampire?

Mehcad Brooks: "Yes, I do, actually. No, no, period."

You couldn't go out during the day.

Mehcad Brooks: "The day is over-rated. The freaks come out at night."

But you couldn't work as an actor, because there are daytime shoots.

Mehcad Brooks: "You'd be on a vampire show. Stephen Moyer is a real vampire. S-h-h-h-h. You heard that from me. You heard it on About.com first."

That's the secret that you weren't going to tell.

Mehcad Brooks: "That's the real secret. Instead of lunch, he goes and kills a crew member and sucks his blood. Weird. I was like, 'You're really into this role. That's weird.'"

But there'd be no crew members left.

Mehcad Brooks: "They hire new ones every week. An intern. He just bites an intern, you know."

Are you having fun playing Eggs? Are you really?

Mehcad Brooks: "I have fun waking up every morning and breathing. So, yes."

You seem like the type of guy that would have fun waking up every morning and breathing.

Mehcad Brooks: "Yeah, I am. I am. Life is good."

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