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Video:Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez Machete Interviews

with Rebecca Murray

Robert Rodriguez came up with the idea for 'Machete' years ago but it wasn't until he made the fake trailers for 'Grindhouse' that it became a reality. Now that short teaser has expanded into a feature film starring Danny Trejo & Michelle Rodriguez.See Transcript

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Transcript:Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez Machete Interviews

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.

Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez - Machete

At what point did you know that Machete was actually going to be a character in a movie all by himself?

Danny Trejo: "Robert Rodriguez told me that he had an idea 16 years ago about using me as this character, Machete. And even Machete, the way he does it. And then we kind of both got busy and forgot about it. We were doing Desperado at the time. We did about 8 other movies together and we would always just joke about it. And then when they did Grindhouse I mean out of the clear blue sky he just called up and said, 'Hey, come on. We're going to do this trailer for Machete.' And then when he said 'trailer,' you usually do a trailer after you've done the movie. I'm thinking, 'Oh no, it's setting in. Did I already do this?'"

Michelle Rodriguez: "How long did that take - the trailer - shooting it?"

Danny Trejo: "About three weeks."

Michelle Rodriguez: "That's a pretty intense trailer."

Danny Trejo: "Maybe not, I don't really remember. But we shot it and it came out on Grindhouse and then that was the most... The response it got from Grindhouse was amazing, so it was inevitable. It was a no-brainer once it was done. And then I kept bugging Robert, 'You better do Machete or I'll kill you.' He finally did. Well...when I was holding the machete..."

So is that the way to go, doing a trailer first and then making a movie?

Danny Trejo: "I've got to say that was a Robert Rodriguez invention and it was amazing, because everybody, the response we got was you had to do it so. I was in England doing an autograph singing and people were getting that tattooed on their back. You know? That big machete. I hope they like the movie."

So Michelle how did you get hooked up?

Michelle Rodriguez: "I just got a phone call from Robert saying, 'Hey, I got this thing, you know? You should check it out.' I was like, 'Dude, I love your stuff. I'll do anything you do just as long as I don't have to screw anybody or rip off too many clothes. Yeah, those are my lines - don't cross them. Let's work together. I'd love to work with you. You're amazing.'"

Was it everything you thought it would be working with him?

Michelle Rodriguez: "Yeah, man. He's a cool cat. He really understands the realm of that balance between masculinity and femininity which is really important for me because if you don't get, then I can't really work with you. Which means why I rarely work. But recently all of a sudden it's like everybody is starting to get it. I'm like working a lot and I'm like, 'Yeah, finally! People woke up and smelled the coffee. It's time for a new type of chick.'"

Why do they keep killing you off in movies? Why is that?

Danny Trejo: "You've always got to kill the baddest dude in the movie so that the Hollywood guys can look tough. If you don't kill me, they don't look tough."

We see your name in the credits and we know you'll only be in it for five minutes.

Danny Trejo: "But, like I said, I make everybody look good and then when I die, the Hollywood pretty boys look tough."

What is it about Robert Rodriguez that makes everybody want to work with him? Nobody turns him down.

Michelle Rodriguez: "Yeah, isn't that crazy."

Danny Trejo: "He's a genius. He's an absolute genius. He makes moviemaking fun. He makes you want to go to work. A lot of people say, 'You know, I woke up before my alarm went off,' just because you're excited to go work with him. And then you wonder what's he going to come up with today because every day he's inventing something new, you know? It's awesome to work with somebody like that."

Michelle Rodriguez: "For me as well. I think like the big draw is the playfulness, the idea that you can have serious subject matter sometimes translated into this comedic, exploitative realm and have fun, and never take anything seriously. And I think that that attitude in and of itself - along with his immense - just goes a long way to draw the attention of anybody who is really about making... And he also makes things look hot. And the sexiness of it - he thinks in pictures and you can tell. In all of his films, if you didn't like it, you at least were attracted to it. And that I think also is a draw. He just has this artistic mindset behind what he does and he has fun doing it. I think that attracts a lot of people."

Danny Trejo: "Robert making her look hot means that he points the camera in her direction."

Michelle Rodriguez: "Dude, I've been a tomboy for so long it was like, 'Take my shirt off? Are you kidding me, man?' 'All right, give her some guns.' I'm like, 'Hurry, please! I'm naked.'" More on Machete:

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