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Video:Peter Facinelli Interview - MTV Movie Awards 2009

with Rebecca Murray

Peter Facinelli and the rest of the cast of 'Twilight' scored big at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, with the teen vampire love story taking home five trophies. On the carpet before the show, Facinelli talked about finishing up 'New Moon.'See Transcript

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Transcript:Peter Facinelli Interview - MTV Movie Awards 2009

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards.

Peter Facinelli - 'Dr Carlisle Cullen' in Twilight and New Moon

So you finished New Moon?

Peter Facinelli: "Yes."

How different is it going to be from Twilight?

Peter Facinelli: "You know, I think there's a lot more action in there. It's going to hopefully appear more epic, more studio-like, you know?"

More studio-like? How do you mean?

Peter Facinelli: "Well, the original... Twilight was more of an indie film so it kind of felt like, when you looked at it, it felt like a smaller budget. This one I think it will feel like there was more money on the screen. I think that more money will go towards the CGI stuff, which needs to be because there is a lot more CGI stuff in New Moon with the werewolves and stuff. And you know, whenever you have two directors that are different you can't ask... Catherine [Hardwicke's] an artist, you know? You know you can't ask someone to paint the same picture. They're going to paint their own picture and try to keep it in the realm of the story. But I'm looking forward to seeing it myself. I'm a fan of the books and I'm a fan of Chris Weitz, so I'm excited to see what he's done with it. I mean I didn't know what Twilight was going to look like when we were filming it so we were all pleasantly surprised when we saw it too."

Is there anything that didn't make New Moon that you thought was a scene that you would be in that should have been included?

Peter Facinelli: "No, no. Everything that's in the books for us is in there. As far as the Cullens, we kind of disappear for a while and then we come back."

You wanted to go to Italy - that's what you told me last time.

Peter Facinelli: "I wanted to go to Italy, yeah."

And you never got your way, right?

Peter Facinelli: "Another movie - a different movie. Well you know what? When it's in the books, it's in the print, you go by the print."

So how soon do you start the next one?

Peter Facinelli: "I think August sometime."

Have they shown you a script or anything yet for it?

Peter Facinelli: "No, I haven't seen anything. I haven't even seen the trailer that they're doing tonight. I don't know what it looks like."

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