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Video:Luke Evans Immortals Interview

with Rebecca Murray

Luke Evans stars as Zeus in Relativity Media's action adventure film 'Immortals' directed by Tarsem Singh and also starring Henry Cavill, Kellan Lutz, and Isabel Lucas.See Transcript

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Transcript:Luke Evans Immortals Interview

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies on Relativity Media's 2011 WonderCon 'Immortals' Press Line.

Luke Evans - 'Zeus' in Immortals

So tell me about working on this film and especially about working with Tarsem Singh, because he's such a visual stylist.

Luke Evans: "He absolutely is. You know, genius is branded about a lot nowadays, but he absolutely is a genius. He created a world of Immortals long before any of us decided to turn up and do the film. When we arrived, he could answer any question that we had for the movie because these worlds that he created were completely built. The CGI was all done. It was an epic scale of a film. He is an artist, and the work that he's produced in this film does look like art. There are certain scenes in this film which take your breath away. I watched a few of them just visually with my own eyes and they took my breath away. You add that to 3D and Tarsem's vision and his handiwork, you're going to expect something very exceptional and very different to anything you can imagine you could see."

You said CG - is there a lot of CG or was there a lot of practical effects?

Luke Evans: "All the stunts are all completely. We had almost 20 stunt men and hundreds of extras who were trained stunt extras as well. It took us a long time to learn all of the choreography. There's so much fight choreography and different weapons that you wouldn't essentially think of gods using."

What do you use? Can you say?

Luke Evans: "Well, yeah, on the poster I think you see me holding a little link in my hand, which gives away that it's a chain. I'm not going to tell you what I do with it, but it's me and it was really hard to learn. But it looks incredible in the film."

Your director said to take every element and just push it a little further, and that's what this film is. You push the drama, the romance, the action...

Luke Evans: "It's a journey and each character is portrayed vividly. It has a visceral energy that just starts from the beginning of the film all the way through. But you see people develop, you see the flaws in people. You can have a hero, but unless you see the hero's flaws and you see them on the brink of disaster or the brink of falling apart, you don't really care. But in this film you see it. You even see the gods questioning their decisions, and I think that's what makes this film have soul and heart."

Can't wait to see some scenes from it. I haven't seen anything yet.

Luke Evans: "Me neither. I've seen a little tiny bit."

Are you back for Wrath of the Titans?

Luke Evans: "No, I'm not. I think I've done enough Greek mythology, don't you?"

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