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Video:Lily Collins Interview - Priest and Mortal Instruments

with Rebecca Murray

Lily Collins is kidnapped at the beginning of 'Priest' and that act sets up the action that takes place throughout the film. And at WonderCon, Collins talked about her role and another upcoming big film she's signed up for: 'The Mortal Instruments.'See Transcript

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Transcript:Lily Collins Interview - Priest and Mortal Instruments

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies on Screen Gems' 2011 WonderCon 'Priest' Press Line.

Lily Collins - 'Lucy' in Priest and 'Clary' in The Mortal Instruments

You call yourself the Screamer, tell me about that title.

Lily Collins: "The Screamer...I'm the only one in the film that screams, but it's quite the moment in the trailer. It's kind of when everything starts to happen and the story starts to take action is when the scream happens. That would be me."

So did you practice screaming beforehand?

Lily Collins: "No, actually it was my first day of filming and they just said, 'You are going to go for it.' So I thought if I was only going to do this in two takes to not ruin my voice, I'm going to go for it. I went for it and had fun."

Your character is kidnapped at the beginning, so then what happens throughout?

Lily Collins: "Throughout the film you cut back and forth from me on the train trying to escape being locked in a cage, abused, starved, dirty, beaten...it's fun. So throughout the entire film you have me trying to escape and everyone else trying to find me, so it kind of cuts back and forth."

This is very much a special effects-laden film, but what was it like working around the huge set pieces?

Lily Collins: "This was my first experience working with 3D and green screen and all that..."

This is not The Blind Side.

Lily Collins: "This is not The Blind Side - a big departure from that - but it was actually really fun because they always had something to react to, whether it was noises or props. And so it was a really fun experience to interact with not a lot, and then see the end product and realize how cool it all looks together. And the 3D really feels like you're immersing yourself in this crazy world and alternate universe. It's very, very cool."

What was your reaction when you saw the first footage?

Lily Collins: "Yesterday was the first time I saw it in 3D."

That was your first time?

Lily Collins: "In 3D, yes, and I was like you're this close and it's crazy. I was so happy with it."

Are you basically a vampire fan anyway or...?

Lily Collins: "I'm a fantasy fan. I'm a fantasy and fairy tale fan, so to be a part of something like this was a dream come true. The fans are the best. I mean, you come to something like this and the enthusiasm is so exciting."

Mortal Instruments - are you still attached to that?

Lily Collins: "I am. I'm playing Clary. I love it. Cassandra Clare's series is amazing."

And that character - wow.

Lily Collins: "Clary is very fun. And I was just cast as Snow White yesterday so between the two, it's fun."

Have you started practicing anything for Clary, because she's going to have some skills?

Lily Collins: "I know. Well, it's still in the development stage of casting the other characters. It's still a big process but I'm a huge fan."

I can't wait to see who will play Jace.

Lily Collins: "Me either! I'm excited."

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